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Gas Barbecues Buying Guide

There are several types of barbecues that you can buy to grill meat on a nice summer day. In this article, however, we will discuss one particular type: the gas barbecue. You can use this barbecue quickly and you usually have extra options for preparing food. If you want to buy such a barbecue, you have to take into account the type of gas barbecue, the extra benefits, the accessories and the price.

Types of gas barbecues

We distinguish two different types, namely a normal gas barbecue and an outdoor kitchen. The advantage of a gas barbecue is that you can set the gas flame, so you can avoid burning meat or other food. A disadvantage of a gas barbecue is that you run the risk of running out of gas and therefore no longer able to grill. It is therefore better to fill the gas bottles before each use. Learn more about Best gas Grill under 500

A simple gas barbecue has a smaller surface for cooking, but is therefore suitable for smaller gardens. This barbecue is also a lot cheaper than an outdoor kitchen because it has fewer options.

An outdoor kitchen is a lot bigger and has a spacious cooking surface. These models are often equipped with a side burner and have enough work space thanks to the side tables. An outdoor kitchen is, as the name indicates, actually a full kitchen that can be moved. The disadvantage of this model is that it is a lot more expensive and that it takes up much more space in the garden.

Extra benefits of a gas barbecue

An outdoor kitchen has countertops and side tables that you can use to cut vegetables or place meat on before grilling. That way you don’t have to put an extra table next to the barbecue with all the food on it.

If you want to control the temperature accurately, you should opt for a gas barbecue with a thermometer in the lid. This way you can read the temperature of the barbecue at any time and adjust the gas flame if necessary.

Most barbecues have wheels on the bottom. This can be two or four wheels, depending on the model. You can easily move a barbecue with wheels. This is especially useful for people with a large garden.

You will also find a side burner on an outdoor kitchen. This is an extra hob that you can use to heat up food or, for example, to cook potatoes. This side burner is usually built into a side table, the disadvantage of this is that you cannot fold this side table.

Accessories and place

Some barbecues are large and heavy and you don’t feel like putting your barbecue in the garage every day. Buy a cover to protect your device against rain and dirt, so you can leave it in the garden and it is always ready for use.

While barbecuing, it is recommended to wear gloves, that way you will not burn yourself as easily. You can also buy tools specially made for a barbecue, such as a meat tong that you can easily turn the meat while grilling. Other accessories are, for example, a skewer so that you can grill an entire chicken.

Consider the size of your garden. A simple gas barbecue will not take up much space, but you also have fewer options. An outdoor kitchen is much larger, so it is more suitable for large gardens. The advantage of an outdoor kitchen is that you can better regulate the temperature and grill for a larger group of people.

How much does a gas barbecue cost

Of the two different types, the outdoor kitchen is without a doubt the most expensive type of gas barbecue. Of course you can also find offers that are slightly cheaper, but you will pay a larger sum of money than if you buy a simple gas barbecue.

You can compare different devices so that you know the pros and cons of each model. That way you can buy the best gas barbecue for you. Don’t forget to take into account the available space in your garden or on your patio.

You can also look up additional information online about buying a good gas barbecue. It is even possible to buy a gas barbecue right away online. Most online stores offer them at a cheaper price and you don’t even have to leave your home. Keep in mind that the shipping costs of a barbecue can be high, so add all the costs so that you can calculate the final price of the product.

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