How to Buy a Suitcase

You are going on vacation! But before you enthusiastically start packing your suitcase, it might be a good idea to check if you have enough suitcases … If you are traveling with a lot of luggage or are traveling with the whole family, it can be useful to have look the same. Then choose a suitcase set! At Blokker you will find the best suitcase sets, both hard and soft cases and in all kinds of colors.

Buy a suitcase set

In our extensive range of suitcase sets you will find different types of suitcase sets. For example, you can opt for a two-piece suitcase set, where your travel suitcase and hand luggage suitcase look the same. Useful! A good example is this TravelZ – Diamond – 2-piece luxury suitcase set . The suitcase set consists of two trolley suitcases, which have a striking look and are equipped with a TSA lock. The smallest suitcase in the suitcase set is ideal as hand luggage, while the large suitcase can fit in the hold of an airplane or in the trunk of the bus or car.

Suitcase sets for families

Are you traveling as a family? Then it is useful to have the same luggage, especially if you are flying together. Then choose a matching suitcase set. In the Blokker range you will find many suitcase sets with three pieces, for example you can choose from suitcase sets with suitcases of 27, 47 and 70 liters and suitcase sets with suitcases of 37, 60 and 98 liters. However, we also sell even larger suitcase sets, such as this vidaXL Travel Luggage Set Black 5-piece . This suitcase set consists of three trolleys, a travel bag and a toilet bag.

Choosing suitcase sets

In the Blokker range you will find a suitable suitcase set from a quality brand, such as Fabrizio, VidaXl, TravelZ, Carry On, Dunlop and more. Choose the brand you are interested in on the left side of this page, whether you want a hard or soft case and whether you have a preference for a color and find the suitcase set that suits you!

Are you rather looking for other suitcases and bags ? At Blokker you can also find separate suitcases, backpacks, bags, wallets, toiletry bags and beauty cases!

Service from Blokker

Have you found a great suitcase set for your upcoming trip? Fun! Also nice is the fact that you benefit from free shipping when you order for more than € 30. And do you order before 10 p.m.? Then in many cases you will already have your suitcase at home the next day. Do you have any questions about our range or our service? Then take a look at our frequently asked questions .

Take Advantage of the Space with the Most Functional Suitcases

Your holidays are coming, and with them it is time to renew your bags and choose the most convenient for you. If you are going to make long trips and for a long time, do not miss our large suitcases with the most comfortable designs, so that their transport is easier. Either because you want to complement your choice, or because your trip will last less time, choose cabin suitcases that perfectly fit any transport.

Enjoy Your Getaways with Travel Bags

If your thing is to travel with little luggage sets and enjoy every moment to the fullest, our travel bags are perfect for you. You can choose between sportier or more classic models, the decision is yours. If you are looking for a functional option, take a look at our travel backpacks that you can use for all your adventures. Don’t forget to have our travel bags to store all your essential products and creams.


At El Corte Inglés you can enjoy the widest selection of suitcases that will be adapted to the specific needs of each trip and each member of the family. With children’s suitcases you will delight the smallest of the house thanks to the funniest designs and prints with their favorite characters. You can also count on youth suitcases with the most colorful models with which they will make a difference, they will want to take all of them!

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