How Do You Internationally Transport Your Yacht?

Whenever you are planning to transport your yacht, there are various things that have to be kept in mind, which can’t be ignored. When you are planning to transport your ship, you have to also consider your schedule; you have to choose the right type of transporter so that they can easily take your boat and set up the transportation arrangements accurately.

The traditional passaging in the earlier years were through sailing or motoring to reach to the exact destination. In comparison to passaging, transportation is cheaper and secure. Passaging is a risky process, and it also incurs a high cost. At a point in time, if the destination and cruising become mandatary than passaging, then yacht transport can be used as an alternative. Yacht transport usually minimizes cost; it reduces time and lessens the dangerous, difficult ocean crossings.

It is always good to take professional help from good and reputed companies so that it doesn’t negatively impact your transportation procedure. After all these things, it is also important to clear all the documentation process to clear the customs properly without any hurdle. The rate and sail time will depend upon the origin port and final destination. When you have already planned to transport your boat, you have to ensure that it is safely reached to the destination without any delay. Therefore, for this, you have to 

make sure to make wise decisions regarding choosing the right company for the transportation process so that no fraud has occurred.

Here the tips that can be followed while transporting your yacht internationally.


Overland transport 

Private or commercial trailers are used to move small boats for shorter distances. Safety of trailer, accurate preparation, contents is different aspects yacht services give.

Roll on roll off shipping 

Roro is the common method that is used as the service option because the procedure is very much simple in it because at the shipping vessel, it is rolled on to the deck, and after that, at the final destination, it is rolled off.

In the shipping line, the positioning of the cradle is done in such a way that it is kept on a rolling flat track. The height restriction can be varied from line to line, and the height restriction for Roro service is 15 ft.

Lift on lift-off boating 

Very big boats do not fit into RORO therefore 

it may require that it needs to be lifted on the deck of the ship with the help of a crane. They are stored for the time duration of sailing on the upper deck of the liner. During the time of providing services at origin and destination, additional crane fees are incurred for this.

Water to water via a semi-submersible vessel

The semi-submersible vessels can take the boats out of the water, and at the destination, they can be put back. It is generally used for larger boats and yachts.

At the initial stage, at below water level, the carrier vessel drops its deck. The divers put back the boats in the accurate position and after that, if they are accurately placed then the vessel rise above from the water 


The physical location plays a major role in setting the cost because if the owner has set a low price, it would be difficult to arrange the things accordingly. The physical location will precisely define whether it needs a cradle built; it needs to move upwards from the water.

The entire dimensions or the yacht area is mandatory to determine the cost because if the yacht is too big, it will incur a huge cost. On the other hand, if there is a small boat, there will be less cost incurred. There are various companies which incur different cost on different size and dimensions of the yacht.

There are various transportation methods that are used for moving your yacht to a new destination. The different types of boat transportation methods are roll on roll off, lift to lift service or water to water service. These various methods can be used according to the owners budget so 

that high cost is not incurred, and the procedure can be done without any hurdle and delay with the minimum cost.

The procedure of international shipping 

At the first stage, it is mandatory to get the dimensions and the size of the unit, which includes the trailer and cradle. In a maximum of the ports, required types of equipment and services to handle boat shipping is easily available. It may depart from different locations across the USA depending upon your final destination 

The major departure ports in the USA are Oakland, CA, Houston, TX, Norfolk, Va, and many more. The major international destinations area is Australia, Italy, France, Spain, and many more.

With the help of the above-mentioned points, you can easily ship your boat in a hassle-free manner without any delay.

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