Why We Hurt The People We Love The Most?

Yes, you read the title right. The answer to the question is simple but you need to accept and agree for the same, if you understand the answer it is easy to agree with that. I am a kind of a person who speaks a lot but not with all, I have my circler to explore or you can say to show my madness. I believe everyone has a circle of people or place where you are too comfortable that it will always fill you with confidence and acceptance to being yourself. These places or people just do not help you to showcase your reality but help you out to make it more huge.

The place could be anything, your childhood home, any holiday destination, or just the place you find nothing except the sky filled with the stars. These people can be any of the numbers, some of them have an end number of different people to share the end number of thoughts or you can call it even the secrets. Sometimes people say that I have only one person with whom I h\share everything or I have only one particular place where I do find peace. This all is a real thing, it is just a matter of being comfortable and the feeling of being accepted. Then how do come to hurt the people we love?

The reason is simple when you live with someone you can say that you know that someone loves you a lot that you can keep all your thought from him/her or even them. This relationship could be anything, friend your love or even your parent, anyone where you are free to fly even without your wings. These people do not tell you you no, they encourage you for everything and most important they do not judge you for anything you, they might not tell you the right advice but helps to you not turn the wrong person. In every happy or sorrowful moment, they are for you. When you show them the love you have for them, and they accept it, the same way you show them the anger as well because you find it easy to express it. It is easy to cry in front of them because they know, it is easy to get frustrated with them, there will be chances of fight or breakup but you have the confidence that you will get it back and you love them so much that you do not find any ego to say sorry.

Now reading the above paragraph, people will ask, why domestic violence is named as love and on that, I would like to say my opinion as that people just need a label to say that. There is a huge difference between showing anger or getting angry at someone and hitting someone. I do not believe that there should be any physical activity should be taken at any cost of the situation or emotion. People who love you, know their limits in any situation. Hurting someone is always does not mean by the physical, people get hurt emotionally a lot too and that too with the dear once, many times.

So the next time you see, someone is getting angry at you, make sure you kno0w the difference. Ask yourself certain questions like:

Is he/ she the same with all in the same situation?
How close I am to them?
The reason behind the anger?
What is the silence wants to say behind the loud voice?

And the most important part, make sure that the emotion should not cross the limits.

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