Why Kerala is Best for Yoga Teacher Training?

Mulling over upgrading your yoga with a YTT? Undergo the journey in Kerala, a renowned pilgrimage for health and spirituality since ancient times. Today, in the wake of Yoga Ayurveda being recognized globally as a valuable alternative medicine system, Kerala is a promising place to explore. The province is the very hotbed of Ayurvedic practice and development, as well as an eminent site for yogic learning.

Also, not to forget, Kerala is home to the most exquisite ecosystems in its rainforests and backwater bays and a vast effervescent sea. Peace oozes here from the bells ringing through the streets of quaint temple towns, the bustle of fishermen’s villages lining coconut grove coasts to the depths of the verdant forests. Here, weariness washes away like the sea washing over the sand.

There is no reason you shouldn’t heed the heartrending call of Kerala—

Sun, Sea, and Yoga

Kerala oceanfront yoga retreat is somewhere to find your happy place if you are a sworn sea person. Your yoga will resonate with new vigor attuned to the sound of crashing waves and absorbing the enigma of the sky torn with exquisite colors when the sun rises and sets. It’s a vision to behold at the early hours of dawn when the sea turns vibrant red-gold and light breaks in the morning sky. Also, this is the hour, this is the setting, to observe the Surya Namaskara. Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala will present you with the opportunity to connect with nature in such resplendence. It’s just the eternal sea and you in these meditative sessions conducted to the vision of such exquisiteness.

Rejuvenating with Ayurveda

Ayurveda will take center stage on a YTT conducted in Kerala. You are sure to find in-house parlors at your retreat center to indulge in rejuvenating herbal spas, deep massage, and therapy for a toxin-ridden system. Besides following through with your daily dose of yoga, a foray in Ayurveda will benefit your body-mind system immensely to recharge, heal, and veer towards a higher level of consciousness.

You are also in for a lot of pleasure if cooking is your kind of thing. Ayurvedic culinary is a different take on food. Making one aware of dosha-specific food, the usefulness of different spices for different body-mind anomalies, the nutritive value retentive quality of low-heat cooking, etc., the segment on Ayurveda in any Kerala YTTC curriculum is exclusively rich. Come prepared to take down dozens of recipes and document live Ayurvedic cooking classes for your friends back home!

Soaking in the Love of ‘God’s Own Country

While the best of Kerala yoga retreat homes is found nestling in the bliss of the sea, you can keep your hopes high for covering other ethereal spots of natural beauty that have earned the province the title of ‘God’s own country’, while you are doing your YTT here.

Most reputed YTT centers in Kerala offer local trips of natural and cultural interests inclusive in their programs. A golden treasury full of cherished memories in this beautiful land with wonderful people is part of the agenda and you must have it!

‘Kalaripayattu’ –the Vedantic Art of War

Kalaripayattu is an ancient Indian martial art form of Kerala that revolves around the same theology as in Yoga. To power up and become more conscious is key in this adrenalin-pumping warfare discipline. Kerala lets you train in this suave technique of battle that’s further going to complement your yoga by upping the game of achieving complete mind-body fitness.

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