Why Do You Need Call Recorder For A Caregiver with OgyMogy
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They say as you grow older your problems grow as well. It is true. There was a time when my only goals in life were to learn a skill and get a good job but as I grew older I found out that you can’t just live in your bubble. You cant be happy alone you need your family and your friends to be there with you. In case you are running alone, stop before it’s too late. I had to leave my hometown for my education and then for my job. I was well settled and was doing great but then reality hit. My mother is got ill. Dementia is one such disease that runs in my maternal family. So the first thing that came to my mind was to get a new job in my hometown. Wrap everything from here and be there with them.  I tried to find a job near my hometown to look after my parents but was not able to find any decent job. I was constantly worried in case something happened how will go to help them since I live in a city that is 8 hour’s flight away. In the mean, while my father was staying hard to look after home affairs.

My mother has monthly checkups, to keep an eye on any complexity and to manage them timely. She is a lively woman and likes to travel and attend parties with her friends. Both my father and I want her to enjoy her life but are also worried if something happens or if she forgets. My whole circle knew that I am trying to find a middle way out for myself and my parents.  I told my friend about this situation, and she suggested using the monitoring app. I was baffled at first by this suggestion, but later on, the more I thought, I realize that would be a better option. I got the Ogy Mogy spy app and even discussed the idea with my parents as well. They were on board with this idea. Some features that got my attention right at the top like a call recorder, a camera spy app, a mic bug, and most importantly GPS location tracking.

OgyMogy offers a call recorder feature for users like parents and employers. Now the companies or businesses which deal in business through call correspondence with clients especially focus on keeping the record. The reason can be management,  evaluation of employees, customer service, and more. Now when it comes to employee monitoring, employers are bound to use only company-owned devices. As parental control, parents can install the app on the teenager’s device for supervision and guidance.  My case was different. I had two options to use the call recorder app. Whether to install directly to my elderly gadget or hire a caretaker and then monitor the activities as employee check. The call recorder keeps a record of all the incoming and outgoing phone calls of the target person. It can be a small remote window between the user and the target through which the user can know about the target’s whereabouts.

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Call Recorder For Elders:

The call recorder feature for elderly parents can help the user to know about them without making direct contact. No need to worry about the whereabouts or activities of the target as everything is stored in the call recorder directory on the OgyMogy web portal.  The app can notify me if my mother is planning to attend a birthday party, go on a town trip, dial the emergency number, or more. It is one quiet way to know about the target’s daily life routines.

Call Recorder For Employees:

The second option was to involve a third person like hire a  caretaker, give them a  cellphone as an employee, and then monitor the employees and the activities with the help of the OgyMogy cellphone.  It can work if and only if the caretaker is with the elderly 24/7. Thus monitor the employees through the call recorder feature and know if they are working deliberately and taking care of the patient. You can know about any suspicious activity or any issue with the help of the OgyMogy spy app.

Till I get the new job, I am satisfied that call recorder OgyMogy features have my back.