can you see who views your videos on facebook

How to Tell Who Viewed Your Facebook Video?

Do you remember the time when people used to write handwritten letters and use landline phones just to stay connected to one another? Now today we find ourselves in a digital world where we can stay connected digitally via Facebook. From connecting to people online to buying and selling on the marketplace, FACEBOOK has got it all sorted. We can now create groups with people sharing mutual interests, upload pictures and videos, and connect with people outside our geographical boundaries. It has played an important role in social movements, political activism, and much more but its ability to spread the news within minutes is amazing. But one question arises: Can you see who viewed your video on Facebook? Yes, it is possible.

How to Check: Who Viewed Your Facebook Video

We can share pictures, and videos and can go livestream to connect with people, But can you see who views your videos on Facebook? And the answer is YES! When we post a picture or a video we can look at the number of likes and read the comments and can figure out who has seen it but we won’t know about the person who hasn’t even liked or commented. During the live stream, we can go to the livestream management page and see who is watching but after it’s over we can’t figure out who watched it and who didn’t. The recorded version is available after the livestream but still impossible to figure out who watched it.

When we publicly share our videos, we can see the number of viewers who viewed it below that video only. To check the video stats of our Facebook pages, firstly we need to go to insights and then click on videos to check the data. To check the insights for an individual video we need to go to your page, select publishing tools, and then click on the video library and click the video you’re interested in seeing. It also offers a feature that we can check how many people reacted and shared it and also how many times the video has been watched. But stats are only available for videos with a minimum of 100 views.


Facebook has filled all our gaps in relationships and proved that physical boundaries don’t define our relationships. We can post videos on Facebook, and we can go livestream and interact with people but once the livestream is over, we can’t see who watched it. Manage our Facebook page, stats are a great way of doing it.

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