When is the best time to fly to save the most money?
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There are myths and realities surrounding the purchase of airline tickets. Many factors influence, the time, the destination, the day, a direct flight and more. What is the cheapest day to buy a flight?

On virgin America seat assignments, everyday travelers look for cheap flights to different parts of the world. But not every day of the week a plane ticket costs the same. When to travel, what day should you buy the plane ticket and how long in advance? Here we tell you everything so you can get cheap flights to wherever you want.

What is the best day to get cheap flights?

Opt for less popular days; Tuesday and Wednesday are the days when you can find cheap flights. Fridays and Sundays are the days when travelers search for flights most often, as they have free time. They are also the days when more people take a flight.

We know that it can be difficult to travel during the week, but generally, these days the flights are cheaper. Airlines work by supply and demand. An alternative may be to fly on Wednesday and return on Saturday. 

When should I look for cheap flights?

One of the ways to find cheap flights is to plan. If you start planning early you will see that there are endless options when it comes to finding cheap destinations, cheap tickets and hotels with very good discounts. How long in advance should you buy a flight? Ideally, you should start looking 3 months in advance. If you want to fly to Los Angeles or Chicago in October, searching in June or July will be perfect for buying cheap flights.

With this, you will be able to have a slightly broader panorama about the dates, days and places that are best for you to start making decisions, request your vacations, square with your friends or partner and achieve incredible prices on flight fares.

Is it better to take a connecting flight or a direct flight?

Some connecting flights can be expensive, but this depends on the season. In low season, you will be able to find cheap flights to Madrid, unlike in high season. This effect raises the price of flights and will encourage you to look for alternatives.

A cheap flight with stopovers is possible, because you can save a lot in any season. When buying a flight with stopovers, consider migration time, time to pick up your luggage, check in and all other factors. If you have an hour layover, it will not be enough. A layover of 3 or 4 hours is perfect to avoid stress and avoid missing the next flight. 

Remember that with the Sky scanner flight search engine it will be easier for you to find stopovers. Just check the box “with stopovers” and you will get a list of additional options so you can choose which terminal, airline and date is best for you to save.

Opt for a night flight

The days to find cheap flights are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. The schedule also matters. Generally, airlines lower the cost of the ticket after sunset; the flights that are purchased almost at dawn or at night are usually cheaper.

For some people it may be losing the whole day, but if you are organized you will realize that it can be an advantage to travel at night . First, you can leave work straight to the airport; With this you can save a hotel night and take advantage of the whole next day already being at your destination. More points in favor than disadvantages, so go ahead and start dreaming about your next vacation now.

Price alerts

A flight search engine helps you to be aware of the prices of airline tickets to the destination of your choice. You will be able to personalize and receive price alerts with Sky scanner. If you want to travel to Paris, with the Sky scanner flight search engine you can enter the dates and if you want a direct flight or with stopovers. Every week you will receive the cheapest rate, you can book immediately and not miss the opportunity.

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