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What Kind of Ad ( AdWords ) Reports you should ask from your Company/ Agency

Reports are one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing especially in case of Google Ads. After all it tells you about your return on investment (ROI). However the marketers or their Hired Google AdWords Company are running Google AdWords Campaigns, manage their campaigns by adjusting bids, by adding or pausing some keywords, by adding negative keywords or by rotating a new ad copy etc. but for knowing the performance of your Google AdWords accounts, you need to learn about the Ad Reports available in the Google AdWords and which you should ask from your Google AdWords Agency.

Types of Ad Reports:

There are many kind of reports which you can make in Google Ads but here we are talking about some main types of Ad reports. Please have a look at them:

  1. Location Targeting Report:

    This kind of ad report allows you to view the performance data according to the geographical region. That means where the maximum data is coming from. It can be calculated on the basis of their IP addresses or any location included in their search query. By asking this report from your AdWords Experts you can reach your marketing objectives by reviewing the data as free market research and optimizing a national campaign according to its regions. For example, if you find that users from the north Delhi are converting higher than those on the South Delhi, you may change your campaign settings to just target those areas which have higher conversions.
  2. Search Query Report:

    The search query report allows you to review your performance data according to the search queries which are getting more clicks or conversions. You can then optimize the bids of the keywords according to their performance. It is a great source of data as you add keywords in exact, phrase and broad targeting. But it’s not always happen that only Exact & Phrase keywords get impressions or click, there are more chance your product get clicked with a broad keyword for example you have a keyword shoes in broad targeting and your ad is clicked with the keywords like shoes for men, shoes for women or kids shoes. So you can put some terms as negative keywords for the products you don’t have to offer. By doing this you can have a better control over your ad spend and optimization.
  3. Conversion Report:

    As a client you can also ask your Google AdWords Expert or Agency to show you up the conversion report. This kind of report can give you the insight of conversion spend i.e. on how much spend you are getting a conversion. For example you have a conversion after getting 5 clicks and for each click you pay Rs. 10 then your conversion spend is Rs. 50 as you need to spend Rs. 50 for getting a conversion. In this way you could get a good month-over-month look at how your account or campaign is performing.

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