What Is The Reason For Hiring A Robbery Lawyer! Criminal Lawyer
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According to Australian law, theft by any person and when threatening to use violence against another person or property to obtain the stolen item or to prevent or remove resistance to theft To commit the offense is considered a criminal offense as per section 392 of the Act.

Punishment For Robbery In Australia:-

According to the law of Australia, If before or after the commission of the offense, the person is in possession of any dangerous weapon or pretends to be a weapon, such offense shall be punishable with imprisonment for life.

And if the offense is committed under extenuating circumstances, the maximum punishment may be imprisonment of 20 years and in any other case, the maximum punishment may be imprisonment of 14 years.

According to Australian law for robbery, the police will have to prove:-

(1) That the person has stolen a thing;
(2) That the accused has threatened or used actual violence against any other person before, during, or after committing the theft; And
(3) that the threat or use of violence was to obtain the stolen article, or to restrain the person who was preventing them from stealing the article.

According to the law, the police will also have to prove that it also contains a dangerous weapon.

The Possible Defense Under Australian Law:-

Violence: It signifies an unlawful assault or the threat of assault including the threat of violence also, to that person or another person.

(a) Insanity;
(b) Duress;
(c) Identification (ie. the accused is not the person who committed the robbery); emergency; and
(d) There was no threat or use of violence.

Which Court Hears Robbery Cases In Australia?

If seen, in most of the cases, the case is heard in the district court, it depends on how serious the matter above your case is, but the possible punishment includes life imprisonment, then the matter is heard in the Supreme Court.

why do you need Robbery lawyers?

If a person is accused of dacoity then it is an offense that the court takes seriously. It is a good decision to seek dacoity lawyers to deal with the cases of dacoity as in such cases life imprisonment can also be done so an It is best to choose a good lawyer.

How Do Robbery Lawyers Help You?

If an individual has been accused of robbery, it’s an offense that’s taken seriously by the court. Professional help is always the best way to deal with a case of robbery. Proper representation by any good robbery lawyer is the best way to tackle any kind of robbery case.

If you to settle these cases you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer. Contact good Robbery Lawyers in Perth based in Australia Robbery Lawyers will review the documents and advise you on the best way to resolve your case.

A lawyer will point out all possible directions and suggest how your case can be settled fairly in the eyes of the court. It is better to seek the competent services of experienced robbery lawyers who are in court throughout the legal process. can represent you.