What Are the Differences Between a Five-Paragraph Essay and an Article?

A five-paragraph essay and an article differ in many ways, yet they also have some commonalities. The distinctions span the rationale for the write-up to the style, length, and components of both types of writing.

The first is that an article is written with the intention of being published. The writer of an article writes with the understanding that he or she is writing for a big readership made up of people from all walks of life. They’ll go away and compose the essay for you in as little as 6 hours if you need it.

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An article is written for publication in a newspaper, magazine, journal, or reference book. This merely signifies that the piece is intended for the society’s educated elite and those in the know. As a result, the writer selects his words carefully, knowing that whatever he or she writes will be public knowledge. The five-paragraph essay, on the other hand, is intended for students and academics.

It is the preferred writing style for students and the most effective method for arranging thoughts, particularly during exams.

Furthermore, unlike the five paragraph essay, which is based on a personal point of view, an article is based on facts and truth. The writer of an essay does so based on his or her vast expertise.

This means that if he has a poor understanding of a subject, it will reflect in the quality of the essay he eventually submits. On the other hand, an article is the result of research and a compilation of other people’s perspectives on a topic, which is then published in the writer’s own manner. The five paragraph essay, on the other hand, is subjective and opinionated, but an article is objective because of the facts.

A five-paragraph essay, on the other hand, is restricted to five paragraphs, although an article, which is supported by facts and thus can exceed five paragraphs, is not. The length of an article is determined by the facts and the facts’ supporting information. Some stories are long enough to fill entire pages of newspapers and periodicals, while others are only 300 words long.

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