What are the Benefits of AWS Certification?
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AWS is the most renowned cloud service provider in the cloud market, AWS has set a standard for its credentials. AWS is a role-based cloud provider that, through its certifications and tests stands out due to the rigor and accuracy of its ways of assessing Cloud Computing skills. AWS Certifications are classified into four levels: foundational-level certificates, Associate-level qualifications Professional-level certifications, as well as specialties certifications. In this blog, we will give in-depth knowledge about every examination for certification, including the requirements, curriculum, pattern, length, and price of the test.

Why is AWS Certification important?

As we mentioned in this blog post, AWS exam certifications are well-known for evaluating thoroughly the most sought-after cloud abilities. So, being AWS certified means that you are able to demonstrate the most specific cloud-related skills and are recognized by the world’s leading company within Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing domain.

And According to Gartner the cloud offered by Amazon is 10 times more powerful than the closest competitors if you add them together. This indicates the fact that more businesses are choosing to use which means there are more opportunities for careers on the horizon If you’re certified by AWS.

How can I get AWS certified?

While there aren’t any concrete steps to follow, these are the most clearly defined steps you can take to get AWS certified:

Enroll in an AWS certification course

Completely read the exam and study guides. You can search for these guides on the Internet. If you’ve enrolled in training classes in the past, you will be supplied with study and exam guides to help you prepare for your certification exam.

Make sure you’re up-to-date on AWS whitepapers

  1. Explore and explore the cloud platform. Explore and use the AWS cloud platform
  1. Experience real-world experience and get exposure to the industry through live AWS projects
  1. The exam will be scheduled once the training sessions are over
  1. How long will it take to get AWS certified?

This question’s answer is different depending on the individual and is contingent on the amount of AWS experience someone has. If an applicant is unfamiliar with the Cloud Computing domain, and also has general IT expertise, the maximum amount of time will be required is 90-100 hours of focused preparation to pass a certification test. The way that candidates will divide their time to complete the 90 hours of education is completely their choice.

Certification in Cloud & DevOps

Role-based AWS Certifications

AWS has 12 certifications available currently. These certifications are categorized according to industry-specific essential job functions in the cloud space, some of which are as follows:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • AWS Network Engineer

AWS provides a variety of exams that one must pass in order to obtain the appropriate role-based certification. Certain of these tests are required, while others do not depend on the level of certification and the specifications. The various certifications that are based on roles and their associated tests are classified by their difficulty as illustrated below:

Exams for Foundational: Foundational exams are not mandatory, however, they highly advised. These tests were designed for testing fundamental Cloud Computing skills

Associate: You must pass the associate-level exams in order to advance to the next stage.

Professional: Professional-level tests validate one’s abilities in the cloud, but at a higher level

Specialty: Speciality tests tend to be intended to assess the competencies needed to work in specific technologies such as Data Analytics and Security, Networking, and more. These exams are not required and are available to individuals who want to specialize in a specific field that is part of Cloud Computing.

Learning AWS

With so many options to pick from, how can you begin to comprehend the full power AWS can offer? Who has such a vast amount of AWS Institute expertise to start teaching all of these services to you?

Cloud Gurus take the stage, giving lectures and workshops in preparation for exam Solutions Architect – Associate exam and other exams. While “Hey Cloud Gurus” will be a part of your daily routine for a few weeks, Ryan Kroonenburg – the course instructor will do an amazing job of examining the subject matter you’ll have to master for the test.

The book begins with a 10000-foot overview of each cloud service Ryan promises that we won’t have to know each one for the test! But, there’s plenty we have to dig into before we can create solid, reliable, and affordable cloud-based architectures. Ryan walks through the course materials in good order, offering explanations targeted to all students, not only those with a solid knowledge of Computer Science. Through the course, he provides tips for exams to aid in the final exam.

At the close of the course, you’ll be guided to a variety of whitepapers. Two of them were particularly beneficial in helping me understand the concepts of the Solutions Architect material: AWS Storage Services Overview (December 2016) and Building with the cloud: AWS Best Practices (February 2016). You should at the very least, I recommend giving these two books the time, but when you have time, it could be worthwhile to read each of the papers included in the course.

After going through the lectures, labs sections tests as well as going through these AWS whitepapers, you’ll be well-prepared to start your exam preparation. A key suggestion is to stay clear of A Cloud Guru’s exam practice or questions on scenarios that are at the conclusion of the course for the moment, as these questions can be quite tricky. It’s worth going back to them when you’ve got some more experience!

Exam Preparation

Once you have A Cloud Guru in place, you’ll have A Cloud Guru material covered in the course, you can now find practice questions that will test your knowledge on an examination level. This Cloud Guru section test will give you a solid base for understanding the individual services, but a lot of the questions on the test will require mixing these services in order to build solid cloud structures for use in business.

One source that comes to mind as an example is Amazon’s sample questions. They are available on the Solutions Architect — Associate course, they have test of ten questions designed to test your understanding. It’s a great beginning point however surely there’s more to help prepare us for the test.

Check out Whizlabs, excellent practice materials. Offering seven test-taking questions to prepare for the exam I found them to be extremely useful for my preparation for the exam. Although the questions were not in line with the exact structure of the actual exam, I found my performance on these exams was a good predictor of my performance on the big day.

On the test, you’ll be faced with 65 multiple-choice questions and you will have to answer the questions within 130 mins (2hrs 10 minutes).). What is the reason for the odd number? No idea. It irritated me. These questions come in either of the two possible forms. you’ll receive four options in which one of them is correct and three aren’t or five choices in which two of them are correct and three are not. In the second scenario, the two correct options are combined to form an answer to the question.

Whizlabs does not strictly adhere to the two types of forms it uses in its writings, but it’s worth keeping this in mind as you go through these papers, because you’ll occasionally be offered fewer choices or given three or more options that are available to you. But the information covered in these exams is the same as what you will find on the actual test which is what’s important.

Alongside these practice tests, Whizlabs offers section tests to test a variety of products included during the training. These tests are considerably tougher than the exam-style questions, similar to the exam practice and scenario questions that you will encounter at the conclusion of the A Cloud Guru course. When the practice tests are completed, it’s worth taking these tests to build your knowledge even more.