What are the 10 Vital Qualities of an Event Organizer?
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Do you want to get started in the organization of events? Do you want to recruit an event organizer? You must understand that it has specificities and that it needs broad skills whatever the causes for your interest in this profession. We work with thousands of them and know the strengths that help them accomplish great things. I have compiled a list of the 10 vital qualities for an event or wedding planner near me.


  • Social intelligence
  • Flexibility
  • Listen
  • Organization
  • Passion
  • Communication
  • Calmed down
  • Resourcefulness
  • Decision making
  • Experience

1. Social intelligence

The first feature shared by the wedding planners near me of successful events is their capability to work with all kinds of people: company directors, sponsors, traders, political representatives, colleagues, clients, associations, suppliers, staff, volunteers, participants, etc. Successful working with this wide range of people requires skillful conflict resolution, a confident but respectful negotiator, and a sense of humor that matches those of others.

To do this job, it is important to have fun in it. Share this enthusiasm with the people you work with, and they will continue to work with you for a long time to come. You cannot be successful on your own. Creating bonds and relationships of trust is essential.

2. Flexibility

The days of an event organizer are generally dictated by the constraints of the event, and not by “classic” office hours. The office does not necessarily exist elsewhere. An event organizer may have to travel regularly and work in unusual conditions: temporary office, train, hotel, etc.

3. Listen

The ability to understand what your interlocutors expect from you and your event is crucial. They might not have both feet in the event industry and probably have a hard time interpreting your lingo or knowing if their demands are realistic. You need to identify their needs and make sure that everyone shares the same expectations. Pay attention to what is said – and what is not said – during important discussions. Absorbing these stated – or fundamental – requires into your event preparation will assist you to remain ahead of the curve.

4. Organization

This quality is literally the root of the name of this profession. It is therefore to miss, but it is important to remember why an organizer must stay organized. To succeed in your event, you must know how to juggle dozens of things at once. This multitasking prowess is necessary both to plan for the medium / long term and to execute the plan without a hitch during the event. The best party planners near me have flawless procedures, detailed checklists, and practical technological tools. Working in events requires taking height at the global level while keeping an eye on a set of small details. To avoid overwork, delegate some of the time-consuming tasks.

5. Passion

You must love what you do to endure the stress of this job. Sincere passion helps you overcome obstacles in your path and stay calm when everything seems to be crumbling beneath your feet. Passion increases your creativity and your inspiration to achieve beautiful things. Skills like time management can be learned, but passion cannot… and you will need them to be successful.

6. Communication

Clear, firm, and caring communication sets you up as a team leader, gets everyone on the right path, and ensures that the event’s objectives are clear to everyone involved. It also helps you to effectively share your vision and to make your interlocutors enthusiastic. Communicate respectfully to everyone and don’t disparage anyone. Accept positive criticism and remain open to latest ideas. Everyone has their share of responsibility for the success of an event, so be sure to communicate with them in a clear, confident, and empowering manner.

7. Calm

Constantly under all forms of pressure, you need to keep your cool no matter what. Your team needs a leader who knows how to make the right decisions thanks to Olympian calm. Organizers of successful events take it easy and continue to treat everyone with respect, no matter what the turn of events. If you are a real bundle of nerves, take the time to let off steam outside of work time. This will guarantee you a healthy and saving balance.

8. Resourcefulness

Solving problems creatively is not for everyone. Whether you need to fix a piece of scenery with three pieces of string or replace a speaker at the last minute, the event organizer must be resourceful and inventive to overcome these obstacles. No matter how prepared you are, the unexpected happens faster than it takes time to tell. You will be better able to solve them if you like to seek creative solutions to every challenge that arises.

9. Decision Making

The event or corporate event planner needs to be able to make multiple decisions at once, and quickly. The most important thing is to know how to recognize when it is too late to change your mind, and to have the determination to continue the project with a positive energy.

10. Experience

Your friends and family will trust you more if you show them that you have already held similar projects. Actions are usually worth more than words, and it’s up to you to prove that you know what you’re doing, and that you’re doing it right. Thanks to this, the more the years go by, the more you build up a contact book filled with people who trust you. If you have little experience and contacts now, be patient and go find them on your own.