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Refrigerators come with many features, including standard interior lighting and crisper drawers as well as built-in ice makers and water dispensers. Most units from the best refrigerator brands offer mid to large capacity to accommodate families of all sizes.

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LG Refrigerators

The LG (Life’s Good) Corporation has become a favorite among consumers. This organization is currently South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate. Also included under the LG umbrella are the LG Chem, LG Display, and LG Telecom subsidiaries. LG Corporation was founded in 1947 by Koo In-Hwoi, who created the Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corporation.

In order to improve its ranking in the Western marketplace, Lak-Hui changed its name to the simple LG known today. At the time, it stood for Lucky Goldstar but has since been rebranded to include the tagline “Life’s Good.”  The organization produces numerous chemical and telecommunication products as well as electronic items.

Quality features

LG Corporation offers an extensive list of household appliances for consumer use. These include stylish washers, dryers, and combination units as well as electric ranges, microwaves, built-in ovens, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. Each new LG appliance is created using recent technology and a modern style. LG Refrigerators have been a top-notch choice for every user due to their incredible performance.

In the realm of refrigerators, LG does well offering numerous models for household use. Although some standard white units are available, most LG refrigerators come in solid black or sleek chrome. Consumers can choose from the side-by-side door, bottom freezer, and French door designs. Some even come equipped with new cooler drawers for convenient access to refrigerator contents.

Lynx Refrigerators

Lynx Professional Grills offers a wide range of products, including refrigerator appliances. The company truly lives up to its logo, “everything for the outdoor kitchen.” Ever since it was first created in 1996, Lynx has committed itself to improve cooking capabilities in an outdoor environment.

Originally the company focused on manufacturing functional barbecue grills. It didn’t take long for Lynx to realize that there was a market for far more than a backyard grill in the outdoor cooking arena.

Lynx was founded by a group of individuals who were well versed in the food industry. The founders possessed 30 years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel items for the commercial foodservice industry. This knowledge was put to good use as the budding Lynx began improving its offerings to include all aspects of outdoor cooking, including refrigeration.


Today, Lynx offers two reliable models of outdoor refrigerator units. The first offers five and a half cubic feet of storage space with all the typical features consumers expect in a refrigerator, including interior lighting, adjustable temperature controls, and glass shelves.

Additional features include a seamless stainless steel cabinet and door, adjustable leveling legs, and GFCI equipped plug.  This unit also provides customizable storage options with four tempered glass shelves that can be used in eight positions.

The second unit comes with similar features and design but also includes a built-in beverage dispenser. Lynx’s outdoor refrigerator and beverage dispenser can house up to one half-barrel keg or be used as a typical compact refrigerator.

Advanced features include a digital temperature read-out, rapid defrost function through a hot gas bypass design, and an exclusive Super Chill feature that quickly chills refrigerator contents.

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