You are Too Beautiful in a Dress! A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Dress
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A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Dress

Do you often dream in front of a dress in a shop window and simply tell yourself that you would like to wear it?. If there is one item of clothing that does not discriminate, it is the

The dress is THE most feminine piece to acquire or to privilege.

In an outfit that suits you, you naturally stand straighter, your attitude changes, you become more dignified and prouder, you shine.

Between the “sunbathing” dress, the princess dress, the empire, the sheath, coat, or tight-fitting, the trapeze, the straight, fitted, short or long, the slims, it erases more easily small feminine defects. It smooths the silhouette, it is more comfortable, more practical, it slips on easily.

It is at the height of elegance and helps to promote self-confidence and illuminate your life.

So, ladies and gentlemen, how do you choose?

The Cup

With a little dress, it is possible to correct slightly wide hips, draw attention to a beautiful chest, flesh out slender hips, reduce the build, refine the silhouette, hide fewer firm arms, etc. Choosing the right cut is therefore essential. In a nice chest neckline, in a fitted waist, in a model that refines the bust, in a nice length to highlight your beautiful legs, dresses come in all shapes, styles, lengths, there are plethora for each woman, and therefore one for you!

Choosing the Right Dress

If you have an “A” silhouette, i.e., hips wider than your shoulders, the little trapeze dress or the empire dress suits you very well, a fitted dress that widens at the bottom. Do not take so-called “sheath” or straight dresses because they will mark your hips. Choose a smocked dress baby with a high neckline, bateau neckline, draped, pleated, or strapless. If your morphology is in “H”, i.e., the hips aligning with the shoulders, with a slightly erased size, you must opt ​​for a straight, which follows the line of your body.

Short Dresses over Long ones?

For “X” silhouettes, you may afford all, so have fun! Tight-fitting, frilly, low-cut, colorful, patterned, sequined dresses… To highlight your feminine silhouette, opt for fitted dresses that will enhance your marked waist. Short dresses are preferred if you are small in size and if you have little neckline. For small breasts, opt for empire dresses or dresses with pleats or drapes on the top to thicken your chest.

Nicely Stiched shoulders is the new trend

If finally, you have the “V” silhouette, i.e., the hips narrower than the shoulders, release your chest to reduce the “square” side of your shoulders. Choose flowing or tight-fitting, straight, or trapeze-shaped dresses to balance and feminize your silhouette. Avoid strapless dresses, turtlenecks, or baby girl dresses with shoulder pads that will accentuate your bust.

For your occasions, the strapless dress is easy to wear on any occasion (except for “V” body shapes). It clears the shoulders, highlights the nape of the neck, an essentially sensual part of the female body.

Are Cocktail dresses a Things

What about the simple little cocktail dress? A dress you can wear to the office before going to a cocktail party. The cocktail dress is an elegant little dress, but not too much. Not pretentious, a bit “all-purpose”, it goes just as well with a pair of boots as with a pair of pumps. Easy to put on, easy to put back on. A “must have” in her wardrobe, and a good investment if you choose it well!

THE Original Length

If you have pretty legs, the little, the short dress can be worn for any occasion. For ladies, the dress above the knee is very elegant. In any case, avoid the length on the knee, which breaks the leg and deforms your silhouette.

For your evenings, the long dress is a safe bet for your evenings, it is also perfectly suited to slender silhouettes. The long dress is indeed unusual, and few girls dare to wear it…

Print OR Color for a Dress

If the little black dress is the model that suits everyone, the print can also come to our rescue to structure the silhouette. A graphic dress can be a clever trompe l’oeil. For “A” silhouettes, if you like two-tone dresses, choose the lightest or brightest color at the top and the darkest at the bottom. For “V” silhouettes, if you go for two-tone dresses, choose one with dark colors at the top of the dresses or rompers for girls.


On the material side, we will remember that the more it shines, the more the volume effect is guaranteed, and the fluid materials refine while the tight accentuates. Don’t forget the heels that will elevate your figure! As well as the accessories to perfect your outfit.