Things To Do in Downtown Dubai

Dubai, the city of dreams. It’s no surprise that once you arrive to this magical city, you’ll find that it is filled with everything your heart might possibly desire. From world-class entertainment to the worlds most beautiful beaches and waterparks, here is a list of the things to do in Downtown Dubai.

The Dubai Fountain

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Prepare yourself to experience a mind blowing performance by non other than water fountains. The explosion of water can reach staggering heights of 140 meters. The people behind the creation of the Dubai Fountain are the masterminds behind the Wellsprings of Bellagio in Las Vegas. The Dubai Fountain is made up of 6,600 WET super lights and 25 projectors that together create an illuminating range of colorful light. The beam of light can be seen as far as 20 miles away. Imagine that it can even be seen from outer space. You can even get a seat to watch this beauty from the inside of the lake and enjoy a breathtaking lake ride while the water majestically moves in sync with the musical beats. Get ready for daily performances by the fountain with performances choreographed to music with a playlist ready to satisfy all your musical tastes. These performances take place every 30 minutes at night, so this is definitely one of the things to do in Downtown Dubai.

Dubai Ice Rink

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Located inside The Dubai Mall, this attraction is as big as an Olympic sized skating ring. An attraction for the whole family with tickets at a price of AED 25 for kids and AED 55 for adults, the Dubai Ice Rink can give the whole family the experience of letting go and swirling around in the beauty of the cold winter ice. This is not only an ice rink but also a dance floor. They’ve even introduced the Dubai Ice Rink Skating Academy. You can learn how to skate through the private lessons being offered daily, throw your kids a birthday party by pre-booking, where the party will include a professional’s supervisor to make sure all the kids stay safe, mascot appearances, building a snowman, and a one of a kind cake arranged by their team. All these fun facts make the Dubai Ice Rink one of the many things to do in Downtown Dubai.

The Dubai Trolley

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This is a ride for free. Yes, you heard it. It’s no surprise that Downtown Dubai is full of attractions and now, thanks to The Dubai Trolley, you can see it all in one sitting. A tram that travels at a speed of 1o Km/Hour, it offers you easy access to The Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar, and some of the greatest landmark hotels in the region. The Tram operates from 4PM till Midnight on weekdays and from 3PM till 11PM on weekends, so just sit back, enjoy the ride that will take you to the best things to do in Downtown Dubai.

Burj Park

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You’ve been on your feet for several hours and you need a break. A place where you could lay back while your kids could play, while enjoying the beauty of the city and the smell of nature. There’s no better place of doing that then at the Burj Park. Witness the architectural beauty of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai’s breathtaking Downtown Skyline. The park is located on its own Island with it’s own parking which makes it easily accessible to you and your family. No entrance fee required so you’ll be able so sit back and enjoy the sunlight all for free.

Walk at JBR

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You’re one of the members of your group who actually enjoys walking. The best place to express that love is at JBR. Walk into a beautiful avenue that offers you a variety of shops to explore, and a variety of restaurants to dine in, so it’ll be a hard to choose what you’ll be having for lunch. This walk also comes with multiple events that are hosted and a small secret, it’s better to visit at night. It’s a mile long walk so not that long or far, but definitely worth the expeience. This is truly one of the many things to do in Downtown Dubai.

Hysteria Haunted House

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A few of you might skip this next one after reading the title but hopefully the haunted house experience is one you look forward to. The Hysteria Haunted House is another attraction located at The Dubai Mall and is the place to visit if you want to get your heart racing. Once you’ve dared to enter, get ready to experience scary stories of children that have gone missing, with theatrical special effects. The deeper you go, the more supernatural creatures awaken. Make your way through this haunted house and you’ll find yourself back at the center of the mall, ready to continue your shopping spree. It might also leave you wondering if all those scares at one of the many things to do in Downtown Dubai was worth it.

Souk Al Bahar

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With this attraction, it’s time to wrap up the list of the things to do in Downtown Dubai. Once you’ve crossed the bridge from Dubai Mall, walking above the man made Burj Khalifa Lake, you’ll find yourself standing on the gates of Souk Al Bahar. The structures in this souk are designed to represent Arab architecture and heritage. The souk offers you a variety of options from restaurants from all around the world too shopping for souvenirs to bring back home to your loved ones and even entertainment. It’s no surprise that wherever you may find yourself in Downtown Dubai, entertainment is always there and ready to give you a memorable experience. The restaurants feature international cuisine, from American and all the way to Sushi. Souk Al Bahar is definitely the place to sight see and also to sit back and enjoy all the exceptional attractions Downtown Dubai has to offer.

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