The Fast Generation with the Slowest Emotions.

Why the youth of the 21st century is more famous than anyone? Why they are called the smarties generation. The simple answer is an opportunity. In this world, everyone has come to showcase their purpose, in case if a person did not have anything to show, that can again be the specialty of them, which make people wonder of them being different.

The opportunity is not just open to a certain level, It came with the acceptance of the world, as the youth has become more talented, the world is becoming more acceptable to almost everything. Things that were considered illegal are getting their legal rights from the law. Rules are which were made with a penalty if broken, now give the liberty to break. Topics which were considered as taboo now came out as a motivational speech. People did not just change, they made sure that the world to walk with them.

The youth has so many opportunities that they just not get too many ways to open the door but also get confused as to which to open first, and the doors are increasing so rapidly that people getting afraid of it, some of the doors are open before time, some are too late to open. Some do not just open as they are reserved, some are open but not allowed to enter. Every door has its own number of public to like or dislike them. Every time someone entries to the selected door, the public decides the days of staying for them but not everywhere the public can make the rule, sometime they can just watch praise, or hate.

The culute of the door makingh people behave like vulture, they are looking for telent to kill the talen.. People who do not have the talent are getting emraased to the copre and those who carry the bag of it, expected to carry more. In this situation both of the person dies giving up the hope. The people didd not just get the doors to show the art but also got the stones to throw at eachother in name of insult.

The worst part is that the appreciation of the door will be decided with the number of public they gather, no matter even if the public is fake and waiting for the moment to get famous from the same door, even it if need to them to kick out the first person. As the quality is measured by the quantity, people are trying their best to showcase their each emotion in bulk, that is a different thing if the emotions are buit it should have the courage to gather the large number of the publics outside of the door. They are becoming so emotionless by showing the fake emotions most of the time. The technology is not changing the color of the skin by it filters, but also creating an expectation for the naturality. All these are not just making them alone but also people are not able to believe each other even if they are getting the best care or love. The trust is gone on other and if someone has on you, you doubt on that, because you do not have faith that people can accept you the same way you are. The worst part is when someone is trying to be noral, they are called as fake.

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