The 5 Types Of People In Our Life

The title itself speaks about the topic a lot, I believe with the connection of oxygen, plants, soil, and every other element of earth, we need the connection of humans as well.

Like every other thing, we need a partner or someone who is part of the moment. Someone who makes us feel good or even bad (unintentionally), but in both of the cases, we remember both things, the person and the emotion we felt with them.
They are just like our, in which some we love, some are forced to be live, some we just hate but pretend to like, some do not have words to describe the love, some make us beautiful and in some things turns ugly

1- The inspired people

They are like our occasional clothes, which you like to wear so much but can not. Every time you wear it, it makes you feel excited, happy and yes you love to take pictures in these. These clothes always have a safe place in your cupboard, it’s always clean, and you are afraid of any small part also get damage.

2- They can not live without people.

They are like your daily clothes, they are fine everywhere, sometimes to outside in them are fine… They are always perfect. Sometimes you do not like them or feel it’s not worthy for outside or no more into brightening, but picks everyone the same when you find nothing…They are like family…Can not live with them, can’t live without them.

3- The forced people

They are like your uniform, the color or the style is not even of your choice. You have to wear it every time, you go into that circle. They are like your relatives which, are not in your life with your choice and you do not have even the option to replace them, but sometimes the package of shock can turn into surprises, same here like while you are struggling to mingle with your relatives and trying to recollect their, you find someone connected at the same place.

4- The time zoned people

These people are like seasonal clothes, you can not wear the summer collection in winter and the winter collection in the summertime. They are like the people, with whom you have a great connection but limited, you know each other but only in one or few things. They are like the perfectionist but in one or two things, they might not know the complete book, but they are the master of the chapter is given to them. Most of them take the place of adviser, where when you get advice only from them on a particular topic.

5 – The comfortable people.

They are like your nightdresses, the most comfortable clothes, in which you just not get the sleep but also able to dream well.
In these types of clothes, the best thing to happen is they accept you in any of the situations, you could be smelly, tired, frustrated, or even not sleepy. Deep inside you want your morning with them and even a whole day, if no other things to be done…These kinds of people have seen the loneliest version of you. The funny part is if you have more number of these types of clothes, they match with each other, but the part you need to remember about them is even if they are always available still hard to find.

As you read all about these, you can take them in any manner in your imagination, they could be the clothes to make you beautiful, or uncomfortable. The same goes when you think of the people around you who are hard to find.

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