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The 10 Best Zombie Games for iPhone

In Oregon Trail, you’re trying to keep your survivors alive against the wishes of the environment, but here your battle is against zombies. You have to manage resources like food and fuel so that you don’t die. Zombies aren’t the only enemies though; you can also fall victim to illnesses such as dysentery. You will also have to fight for your right to survive against bandits – Mad Max style – except with more zombies.

  • It has an emotionally charged story, action set pieces out of the arse and relatable characters that are easy to engage with.
  • At the end of the ranked duels and leagues, you can win attractive rewards as well.
  • It’s pretty much simple but a game you can hang on to for some time at least.

And the PS2/GameCube remake refined this classic survival-horror formula to perfection. The creepy, isolated feel of being holed up in the zombie-riddled mansion as Chris and Jill is enhanced by glossier prerendered backgrounds and spruced-up visuals. Zombies can be eerie as is—but jack up their speed and wild behavior, and the result can be nail-bitingly scary. Developer Valve clearly recognizes this, as they fling hordes of these ‘Infected’ super zombies at players in Left 4 Dead—and this deeper, refined sequel.

The Walking Dead: Season 1

The List of The Top 30 Sweetest and Cutest Anime Girls with Blonde Hair As the title says! With a carefree aesthetic, in thisendless run you will take command of a group of zombies that will run without stopping devouring everything what they find in their path. Your goal is for the zombie horde to be as big as possible and to get as far as you can. Little by little you will unlock improvements and abilities.

Which zombie game is best?

The best Zombies experience is never an agreeable answer. However, many can agree that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the best experience for a multitude of reasons.

The battle with the zombies takes place in the backdrop of the Wild West and the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, as well as other historical landscapes. Solve puzzles, mysteries, enjoy interesting bonuses, and exciting battles. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a continuation of the popular strategy, which millions of fans around the world have already appreciated. Download the new version on your mobile phone and join the battle with hordes of zombies who hunt their favorite delicacy – the human brains. Zombie Drift is an excellent game, made in the genre of action.

Unkilled – Multiplayer zombie shooter

Moreover, to keep your command safe, you will have to build underground fortresses as well. Revenants are based on folklore; these games may have a supernatural or fantasy theme. Unlike the mass-attack cannibalistic zombies of modern horror, revenants rose from the dead for individual purposes.

Can Zombies, Run fast?

Pop culture has separated the undead over the years into two distinct types: fast zombies, which can sprint after their prey and usually possess superhuman strength, and the more classical slow zombies, which trudge towards you, inevitable, dribbling pieces of flesh in their wake.

He pops up in random encounters and boss fights, even serving as Leon’s main boss fight in his campaign. William Birkin’s monstrous final form is Claire’s final boss. But, his appearance is limited to boss fights littered throughout both campaigns. It has a dark and depressing colour palette to go along with its dark and depressing atmosphere, but the game itself is surprisingly all about hope. Not from the outset mind, it certainly doesn’t seem hopeful when your daughter gets shot up by a twitchy soldier.

Players must use their wits and make unforgiving decisions as they attempt to protect young Clementine from this harsh new reality. The Walking Dead Season Two lets players experience the zombie apocalypse from Clementine’s perspective. In Season 3, players are introduced to protagonist Javier Garcia, who crosses paths with Clementine while trying to guide his niece and nephew to safety. Yet more first-person zombie shooting from the Dead Trigger developer, Unkilled still has you legging it around small maps blasting the undead in first person.

  • Make your team stronger by gathering gladiators and using them in battle.
  • Try to drive the maximum possible distance, shooting the walking dead.
  • The innocent and afraid people are waiting for you in the haunted world.
  • There are hundreds of free zombie games to play that help you experience this terrifying scenario in real-time.
  • After living through Covid19 in the UK I’m starting to think that maybe that’s not so outlandish after all.
  • A real simple game with not-so-impressive graphics quality.

Last Day on Earth is one of the greatest survival games available on the platform, and whether you’re a first-time player or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained. Stupid Zombies 3 is an arcade zombie action game with a lot of fun and juicy gameplay. It includes nice graphics and cartoony animations like heads ripping off and blood spurting out of the neck, which releases kill streaks. The game is a fun method to slaughter your way through as many zombies as possible. With gameplay variations and a backdrop mixed cheerful music, zombies have such a ragdoll style.

Wrought with clever puzzles and countless thrills and chills, the 2002 Resident Evil remake reigns as the best zombie game ever. Zombies who run out of stamina far from a horde are just as quick to be cut down. Hopefully Urban Dead’s brilliant take on survival and social dynamics in the apocalypse will keep rolling for another few decades to come. Another exciting way to experience this apocalypse scenario is online with friends. Check out Zombs Royale or Zombie Hunters Online for some top-down zombie-slaying mayhem. Essentially, the game relives key moments from the series.

New Zombie games for Android

Am going to start by saying, zombie assault is a freemium game and its crawling with a lot of annoying pop-up ads but an in-app purchase. Gaming experience of the game will keep you glued to your Android device. Zombie Gunship Survival has some new mechanics that are new to the zombie gunship series. You also have the capability to collect amazing characters, when you must have earned some credits in the game.

So hunt and kill the zombie henchmen while you achieve marksmanship. Looking for zombie survival games that lets you build and fortify your shelter, craft weapons and hunt down those deadly brain-eaters? Some of these games lets you create your own strategies, ally with other survivors to raid enemies and collect materials to make equipment. Offline Zombie games are scary fictional undead video games for Android that can be played without internet or wifi connection. If you are looking for a way to download the best offline zombie games, then you are in the right place. Dead Effect 2 ’s main campaign offers a whopping 20+ hours of gameplay.

Puzzles & Survival

The entire mode is predicated on figuring things out through repetition and exploration, with no waypoints and few hints to tell you what to do. There’s multiple zombie characters to play and tons of items to equip which may make you better suited for battle. Best Mobile Zombie Games 2020This is a survival-themed game with adventure, zombie shooters, and more in a zombie-filled open world. You would build a base of operations then scrounge around for materials and items while killing zombies before they can eat you. The game also features crafting elements, seasonal landscapes, and a lot of extra tasks to do.union jack flies above castle