Sliding Modular Wardrobe Design For Small Bedroom In Gurgaon

Limited storehouse space is one of the major enterprises when it comes to a small bedroom. A bedroom with sufficient storehouse space along with a fabulous design is everyone’s desire. A proper wardrobe design will efficiently break all your space and storehouse- related issues. 

To make it simpler, Yourhomz introduces their exclusive range of Sliding Wardrobe designs ( also generally known as Sliding Wardrobes) for accessible storehouse. Let’s find out further about the sliding wardrobes and understand why they’re perfect for a small bedroom. 

What are Sliding Wardrobe Design? 

In these kinds of wardrobes, the depended doors are replaced with sliding doors. The open medium of common depended wardrobes occupies further space which makes them infelicitous for small-sized bedrooms. Sliding wardrobes bear lower space for opening and closing the doors. 

Why Sliding Wardrobe Design? 

In Sliding Wardrobes, the doors slide in one section when opened and the only area covered is of the wardrobe itself. Then, the space needed to open the door is the same as when it’s closed. 

Whereas, in the depended wardrobes, when we open the doors it occupies roughly 2 bases area which is a general problem in a small bedroom. So, sliding wardrobes are the stylish as they optimize space and are veritably accessible for lower bedrooms. 

Ultramodern accessories & designs available in Sliding Wardrobes 

Sliding Wardrobes are modular wardrobes which are designed to give maximum storehouse space along with ultramodern accessories. They come in different colours and homestretches too. 

Modular Wardrobe Design & Accessories by Yourhomz 

1. Clothes lift –  Ultramodern accessories catch attention in modular wardrobes. The clothes lift gives easy access to the clothes hanged on it. 

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2. Coloured glass –  The doors can be made with textured and various glass. This is an elegant way to design the doors for your sliding wardrobes. 

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3. Pull-out rails and racks – Sliding Wardrobe design have astonishing accessories similar as the tie pull-out charger, shoe pull-out, trouser pull-out and much more, which offer excellent storehouse installation. 

4. Side Mounted Tie Rack – The Side Mounted Tie Rack is perfect for storing ties. It’s portable and can be pulled out for picking the tie that stylish suits the occasion. 

5. Semi Open Storage Box – Basket Box for systematized storehouse. For the proper arrangement of clothes and other accessories, we’ve theSemi-Open Storage Box for you. 

6. Multifunctional Storage Box – Storing and chancing the small accessories like watches, jewelry, beltsetc. is so accessible with our Multifunctional Storage Box and its swish too. 

7. Internal lighting – Modular wardrobes design come with internal lighting, which adds an ornamental element to it and also makes it easier for you to pick out your clothes. 

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Benefits of Sliding Wardrobe Design 

After seeing these magnific ultramodern modular wardrobe accessories you’re now apprehensive of the advantages of having a Sliding Wardrobe Design. There’s no mess in the room giving you space to breathe, just perfect for a small bedroom. 

I’m now listing the benefits of Sliding Wardrobes so you’re sure why it’s the right choice for a small bedroom. 

Saving Space – When space is an issue, also sliding doors are the result. The doors don’t open outwards, they slide sideways which saves the space. 

Extra Storage – Sliding door wardrobes are a perfect storehouse result for furnishing a great storehouse space for your clothes, shoes, documents and much further. Wardrobe accessories similar as snuggeries, hanging rails, shoe rack, multifunctional storehouse box and shelves are being used to design the internal storehouse structure of the wardrobe. 

Material and quality – With Yourhomz, just keep away your solicitude of quality of the wardrobe design. We make sure we deliver the stylish to you. 

The modular wardrobes can be designed as per your conditions which makes them the perfect bone for a small room or large bone. 

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Elegantly designed Sliding Wardrobes and Accessories by Yourhomz. 

I hope that we answered all your questions regarding which wardrobe design is stylish for a smallbedroom.However, do visit your nearest Yourhomz Exchange and meet with one of our Yourhomz experts, If you would like to find out further information about our home results. 

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