Single strand, 2 strands, or travel: how to choose your fishing rod?
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The same fishing jigging rod can be offered in different versions. Namely single strand, 2 strands, in a travel version, 3 strands and more. What is the interest of this or that system and how to choose?

The monofilament, wrongly shunned?

Heel Fitting often confuses these few commercial rods which are available in a single-section version.

Here we are talking about a single strand from the heel to the tip. Its disadvantage lies in transport or storage. In every condition, single strand 2.40 strands for transportation

And yet, apart from transport, it only has advantages!

As a reminder, blank designs and manufactures to work in a certain way, from the heel to the tip.

A press-fit is adds to create a multi-strand rod a hard point. It is modifying the original action planned by the research and development team. Resonance is the transformation of information, which partially interrupts. Be careful, this is completely acceptable.

A fisherman, not constrained by transport or storage, has every interest, from a technical point of view, to opt for a single-strand rod.

The rods 2 sprigs

The 2-part rods are the most used by fishermen whether at sea in freshwater. We will distinguish the rods with 2 equal strands from those with a fitting at the heel.

Here, the worries of transport and storage are less. The downside to this type of cane explains that they were originally works in a certain way. This same blank cut in 2. This creates a hard point and a discontinuity in the transmission of information.

For the one offering a fitting at the heel, the constraints are less. you have a longer tip, continuous up to the handle. This type of rod is a very good alternative and a good compromise between a single strand and 2 strands.

The canes stranded

The rods 3 or 4 strands are popular unreel fishing trips lovers and fishermen wishing to travel with their equipment without contraintation. It is possible to store them easily in a suitcase and not to force special transport, sometimes involving a high surcharge.

These fishing rods near me are often called “travel rods” and are made up of 3 or 4 strands. Attention paid to the fittings the quality of the reinforcements, for models intended heavy and exotic reliable fishing products. The cost is a bit higher the same 2-strand model.