Proper way to set a timer for 2 hours with the help of google assistant
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There are so many proper ways to set a timer for 2 hours. In fact, there are so many platforms or websites are available for all the people around the world with the help of which they can easily set a timer for a particular interval or period of the time. Basically, setting the timer of 2 complete hours can also be understood as setting a timer for 120 minutes on the earth because it is known that 1 hour is equal to 60 mins. In these particular 2 hours people around the world can actually achieve so many wonderful achievements as well as the important and major works that can be done. Therefore, it is considered to be very important as well as necessary to set a timer for 2 hours on any of the online or physical phone platforms.

In fact, the most beautiful platform to set a timer for 2 hours is google assistant. Yes! You heard it right, Google assistant is the best way to set the timer for a particular time interval and it is very very easy to do as well. The person is just required to ask “Ok Google” to start or set a timer for 2 hours for me and on the other hand, the google assistant will do the same for you on your own order. 

The purpose to set a timer for 2 hours can also be done in the form of doing the countdown for any kind of the special purpose or a kind of the competition. Basically, a countdown timer is considered to be a virtual kind of the timer that is available on the internet and on the various kind of the platform very easily. It is a kind of the count down from a certain time, date or even certain time period as well. It indicates majorly the time that is being taken by the person in doing some sort of the work. It is majorly as well as mainly used in the competitions that are being held such as games competition, or some sort of any other competition. Basically, to set a timer for 2 hours increases the curiosity of the person as well as all the audience that are sitting there and enjoying the whole of the game or competition. 

Initially, to set a timer for 2 hours the landing pages were being used but now the concept for the same has been changed and the checkout pages or the working pages are being used as well as maintained for the set a timer for 2 hours. It has been said that the kind of the or major motive of using the timer for anytime among the people is to make or create a sense of urgency as well as to give an acute or extreme feeling that the time is running out for the same thing that they are doing. Therefore, in a very simple manner we can say that the major motive of setting the timer is to maintain as well as create the sense of urgency in the people be it the participant of the game or even be it the audience of the game. 

Along with this, so many business person also uses the countdowns as well as timers in order to maintain as well as create a sense of urgency among the people and make them hurry up to buy the things as they create the discounts as well as the special offers in the form of the countdowns and timers that create a sense of extreme urgency in the public and they are generally tend to buy multiple things in place of one thing. 

For example, someone is not interested in buying any product and business person have kept a countdown timer in the form of discount that the thing of 1200 INR is available for just 200 INR for 2 hours only or only 2 hours are left for this particular offer then the person will be automatically interested in buying that product instead he has no need of the same. This is a psychological way of thinking and the same is being proven by many different as well as renowned scientists and researchers. So many business people keep these kinds of the timers as well as the countdowns in order to make their products sell in the market. As per the researches it has been said as well as it has been found that the revenue of the business persons has been increased by almost more than 9% after keeping the countdowns as well as timers. 

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This countdown as well as the timers are a kind of the highlighters in the whole of the website over the internet. You do not need to take any kind of the tension for keeping the timer as well as a stopwatch. Just you need to ask your google assistant on the phone by asking the google assistant to set a timer for 2 hours.