My Experience with COVID-19

Life is all about learning, from birth till death we learn.We all are different from each other so definitely our learning as well. But still there is something that we learn in common. During the pandemic, A great deal of people have been dying every day and have  deleterious effects  on their physical and mental health. Moreover, A lion share of people were fired from their jobs which made them migrate from the city to their villages.

COVID-19 and lockdown was the time where some of the people have learnt tricks of the trade however, some of them have developed a lackadaisical approach towards life as there has been no timetable to do work on time.

Well my experience with COVID-19 had been neither good nor bad. It made me feel like I was on my sabbatical. And having a deep contemplation about what kinds of things were taking place in this world. So, I made up my mind to pen down my thoughts to which I was giving the cold shoulder. During the lockdown, I have spent most of the time on my balcony observing people and how they found their way despite blocked streets. Which made me feel like this world seemed like an adventure game to me. Where  people were players of this game who were escaping from the police force and Street which had been blocked was a kind of obstacle through which one had to make his or her way. Finding your way from one street to another street without being attacked on yourself was like one had completed the first level of this game. Moreover, the head player of this game have been ‘Corona’ and from whose attack, you have to escape And if you escape from its attack then you are the winner and master of this game. So that’s how I gave this critical condition a creative view . And I penned it down. 

Above all something which I have been learning in financial terms is studying the share market. I was shocked to know that people who were investing during this crisis started accumulating a great fortune. Most important thing is that, for the first time in the history, Sensex was 50,000. Hence people are more keen to learn investing rather than purchasing gold and keeping them at home as well as refrain from buying pensive thing which becomes white elephant after some time.

Prevention is the power that is the lesson that some of the people have learnt during this crisis. I still remember when it was made a hard and fast rule to block all the streets and roads so that we could keep ourselves safe from this virus. Still some of us refrain from shaking hands as we are worried about our health. So this is the prevention only, that is what people want because prevention is always better than cure.

To conclude this COVID-19 has taught us lesson in all terms since it has impacted every corner of our lives let us cut to the chase that whatever we are having  be thankful towards it however, what we are deprived of in term of skill and things , start evolving whatever you have, to make it more fruitful. 

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