Mandira Bedi Breaking The Gender Stereotypes

Traditionally a woman is not expected to touch the bier or carry it to the crematorium but Mandira broke that stereotype while bidding a final goodbye to her husband.

If a husband dies then his wife is not allowed to perform the last rituals. She has to be at home. It’s been in our culture for ages. The son or the Male members of the family are expected to touch the bier or carry it to the cremation ground.

However, on Wednesday when a prominent filmmaker Raj Kaushal who was also the husband of versatile actress Mandira Bedi. His demise has brought a huge loss to the Bollywood industry. He passed away due to massive cardiac arrest in the wee hours.

As soon as the news surfaced in the media, many well-known personalities reached out to her to give their condolences. They rushed her home to be with her in critical condition. Mandira Bedi is a well-known actress. She has performed many significant roles. Recently her appearance in Saho was a drastic change in her film career.

Meanwhile, everybody was giving sympathy to her, she came out to be a lady who broke the gender stereotype where only males were supposed to touch the bier and it to the crematorium. Her last picture or video spread like a fire, where she is carrying her husband’s bier for the last rites.

The moment her video went viral, the internet was lauded with praise for being a strong lady who is actually breaking the stereotype which prevails in our society. In actuality, she has given India a new perspective or a new idea to embrace. At the same time, she got trolled either for not wearing Sari or Indian attire. She was spotted in Jean’s and a T-shirt which people didn’t digest. They trolled her for being in modern attire. Haters believed that she humiliated Indian culture or practice.

Indeed, when a woman takes any small step to break any old practices, there are ample numbers of people who are ready to drag her back. Because in our society a person who is different cannot be accepted. When Mandira Bedi took this step she must have thought about all those negative comments. She is ready to take whatever comes her way and she is always known for creating her own rules.

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