Manage and Organize Your Professional Mobility
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Obtaining a new job, change of business premises, promotion, change of career… many other reasons trigger professional mobility.

To consider it calmly, you have to ask yourself questions about the new company that interests you.

A change in the order of priorities

In the past, the main reason for professional mobility was career development by career transition specialists. However, when the economic context tends to deteriorate. Job seekers are more inclined to widen their field of research once their possible options have been exhausted.

You are not alone 

When you consider moving for professional reasons, one of the first questions that come to mind is. How to combine professional and personal life?

  • The price of real estate: will you be forced to sell your property, and will you take out a loan/rent to relocate?
  • The cost of living: are you going to move to a richer region where the daily budget (food, transport, etc.) will be higher?
  • Quality of life: will your travel time increase. And will you be sufficiently seduced by what your new living environment brings you?
  • Schools: do the proposed infrastructures meet your expectations?
  • Social networks: will you feel isolated? Will you leave behind a community you feel like you belong to. Or friends and colleagues who are important in your life?

The following can be:

A major move, which involves your family, your home, your career. Should be seen as a long-term installation, between two and five years, or even more. You can also turn to a performance coach to get the job done.

To this end before signing your contract with your future employer. You must determine the elements:

  • Is the company stable enough to employ you permanently?
  • Bonuses for your move: will your employer contribute to your moving costs or the sale of your property?
  • Networks: will you be able to create a new network to help you in your career development?
  • The nature of the job: will you be motivated by this new job? Will you benefit from the training and resources necessary to carry out your mission?

Keep this in mind: moving for professional reasons. Will be one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make in your working life. That’s why you have to stay realistic about your aspirations and keep a positive outlook throughout the process.