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Life story and collection of memoirs mirrors the chronicled period in which the individual lived and both contain the historical backdrop of life. Expounding on another person’s life is a life story. These parts of writing started during the 1870s. It is accepted that the main collection of memoirs was a record of the subtleties of the existences of Appathadeeri and Vella. Vaikkom Pachumoothattu’s biography distributed in 1875 and a short collection of memoirs written in English by Vishakam Thirunal Maharaja in 1880 have a place with this class. Swadheshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai’s Ente Naadukadathal (1911), Sahitya Panchananan’s Smaranamandalam (1938), E. V. Krishna Pillai’s Jeevitha Smaranakal (1938, 1949), C. Sankaran Nair’s collection of memoirs (1945) were a portion of the self-portrayals at the outset time frame. Nehru’s and Tagore’s famous autobiography were written in Malayalam in 1940 and 1947 individually.

famous autobiography numerous biographies and life accounts showed up on the scene. Sardar K. M. Panicker’s personal history was distributed in four sections somewhere in the range of 1952 and 1954. Malayalam collection of memoirs was improved with the distribution Narayana Pisharady and numerous other famous authors have made their quality felt in this field. 

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The area of famous autobiography representations writing is exceptionally well known in Malayalam. Following custom, the new age is likewise extremely dynamic in the composition of memoirs and personal histories.

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