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Technology has been revolving with great speed. Many technology news blogs have been sharing news about upcoming technology. The best invention of technology is mobile phones without any doubt. Having smart phones have reduced distance to a great level. Now people don’t need to wait for days to receive a letter and then wait for days to get an answer. With mobile phones, it is just a click away to not only write to someone but also call them and hear their voice. Previously phones only voice called but now video calling is also available and thus you can see your loved ones any time of the day without any worry. Scientists are not stopping to introduce new features in mobiles phones and thus there are many mobile phones with all new features to set a foot in 2022. 

As per many latest technology news blogs , Huawei is all set to launch another great smart set in the market. The smartphone is named as Huawei P50 and is expected to be better than many other brands. Many features are being introduced in this handset including a grand display of 6.3 inch along with a great camera. This phone is expected to be a great deal for photography lovers as there are almost 4 cameras at the back of the phone with great resolution. 

Another famous brand that’s planning to rock the market is Samsung. Samsung is trusted by many people around the globe and is considered to launch one of the finest smartphones in the market. 2022 is going to be great as Samsung is finally experimenting with a new technology and making a phone that can flip. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is expected to have all great features of smartphones but at a comparatively lesser rate. Samsung is expected to add smooth and user friendly interference in the phone so people don’t have any trouble operating it.  As indicated by many latest technology news blogs, people are anxiously waiting for this phone and one can tell it is a great success even before its launch. 

Apple is a name that people trust.  The brand has matured its name in the market to a point where people don’t even bother to look at features and detailing of a phone and just blindly trust it. After being successful for decades, Apple is ready again to steal the thunder and launch another iPhone which might be way better than before. Apple is expected to launch IPhone 13 in the coming year and rock again. Since iPhone is best known for its camera, Apple has brought some specific attention to the camera of this coming phone and have increased the resolution to 48 megapixel. This great resolution is best suited to capture 8K videos. After the success of IPhone 12 pro max, people are all ready to have this new phone in the market. 

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When it comes to getting fame in a short period of time, Xiaomi is considered to do a great job. After successfully gaining a great reputation, Xiaomi is all set to launch Mi Mix 4 into the market. As per many rumors, this phone is expected to have quite a lot of features and will suit best for the common public. The camera is also expected to be great since many people nowadays purchase phones for the sake of cameras. The storage is also expected to be great along with a good RAM. Since there’s good competition in the market, fingers are crossed that this phone might be a great success. Many technology news blogs are constantly in a debate that what phone would be better than the other but one thing is sure that all these phones will have a great deal to offer and will bring new technology to market. Anyone can easily write for technology blogs  if they feel like their views are also worthy of being shared and consider themselves a good writer. These blogs attract a great deal of audience and writing for them can be a great source of getting acknowledgement. As long as you provide authentic information with good writing skills, these blogs will accept your blog and post it on their site. It is a great topic to write too since world is all about technology now.