Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Once you have bought a property, it doesn’t mean that all the responsibilities have come to an end. You need to pay attention to its maintenance in order to ensure the values stay the same or increase. However, you must know the fact that maintenance and repair are enough if you are planning to sell your home. At that time, you have to make a few upgrades. But what sort of upgrades are advantageous for your property in CSC Islamabad is something you need to know.

Obviously, you’d prefer to go with the options that the buyers like. But unfortunately, there is no tool or way to understand the preferences of the buyers. You will come across a few who prefer classic yards, where they are able to grow veggies and fruits of all seasons. Many prefer to have a swimming pool, others would like to have a grand indoor or outdoor kitchen, and the list goes on.

Now it is evident that you cannot have everything on your property or otherwise will have to spend money to have it all. Moreover, the trends when it comes to real estate change from time to time. It means if someone’s preference was to have a yard in past years, the following year, it might be something else. This is the reason, as per professionals when making upgrades, the seller shouldn’t focus on fulfilling everyone’s desires. They must pay attention to making the upgrades that are loved by all and increase the functionality of a property.

In this specific article, you will learn about the upgrades or renovations that are the best to increase the value of your property. So, read it till the end.

Kitchen & Bathroom – The Two Best Renovations for Any Property

When buying a property somewhere, the location matters the most. For example, the Blue World City Islamabad location is prime, so investors don’t hesitate when investing their money in this project. As they believe the location indeed allows them to generate a great return on investment in the future.

Similarly, in a house, the kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms that hold the most importance. They should be functional. Remember, during a house inspection; buyers pay utmost attention to these two spaces. In case they don’t like the functions or design, you may fail to seal the deal as a seller or bag an amount as per your liking.

If we separately talk about the importance of both spaces

  • The kitchen plays the role of a social hub in each property. It is where families and friends sit together and spend quality time. Most importantly, have their meals. This isn’t wrong to say that this room is one of the favorites of every owner.
  • Bathrooms, on the other hand, are crucial when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation. Here an individual spends a lot of time at their convenience. So, it should look and feel comfortable in every manner. Would you like a feeling of discomfort when visiting a bathroom? Of course not!

So, if you are planning to sell a home and planning to make upgrades, these two are the main rooms you should consider. However, made the right changes. In case you have no idea, take suggestions from an expert.

How Much Home Value Increases Once Invested in the Kitchen or Bathroom?

One of the most sought-after questions after upgrades is how much home value has increased since the renovation. 

Well, the numbers depend on multiple factors. Still, as per studies, or professionals, the kitchen upgrade allows you to earn 60 to 80% return on investment. This is a considerable number, without a doubt. Contrary to that, the bathroom upgrades allow you to enjoy an ROI of 60 to 67%.

After learning this, you might think investing in kitchen upgrades is beneficial. Well, this isn’t the case. What if your kitchen doesn’t need any renovation, but the bathroom does? So, always make your decision wisely, or otherwise, you may end up losing money instead of making it.

Lastly, before spending money, make sure you prefer upgrades that don’t cost you a fortune. This is a universal fact that you will never be able to sell a home at a price that is higher per location. Your goal should be simple. Make your property the best within the area without but not something that gets out of the buyer’s budget.


Selling a home is equally difficult as buying a home. The seller goes through a lot of stress as they also need to focus on every little detail. Otherwise, the chance they lose a great deal is high. But if they stick with the basics and make changes in the property accordingly, things can become simple. So, before taking any decision, learn about it. As real estate is a complex industry, and at every turn, you learn something new!

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