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Mela Music School has established itself as the ultimate destination for online music in India. Music transcends all boundaries to aid aspiring musicians of all ages to experience the sheer magic that music has to offer. In addition, it is worth mentioning that music is a proven means to help in empowering a person’s mental skills and promote better expression of thoughts. 

For students who want to join online music classes in India, Mela Music School presents itself as a completely reliable and progressive platform with its online music lessons. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that we are among the leading music academy online that leaves no stone unturned in aiding students to learn the various nuances of the streams of music that they wish to learn from us.

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The basic learning curve at Mela Music School is centered around creating an environment of learning, fun, and high standards amongst its students. In fact, this is practiced right from the beginning, thereby making us ideal as a music academy online for even beginners. 

The span of music teaching is versatile at Mela Music School. Here are the various online music lessons at our academy:


Voice lessons

✓ Carnatic

✓ Hindustani

✓ Western

Guitar lessons

✓ Acoustic

✓ Bass

✓ Classical

✓ Electric

Keys lessons

✓ Grand Style Piano

✓ Synthesizer

✓ Keyboard

Drums lessons

✓ Latin

✓ Soul

✓ RnB

✓ Pop & Rock

Music Theory & Production

✓ Sight Reading

✓ Music Composition

✓ Song Writing

So if you are trying to find the best online music classes in India, then look no further than Mela Music Academy

Mela Music School lays down its objective clearly to be a center for music learning online. Their classes are ideal for you, regardless of whether you are an amateur or established music learner.  

We are thoroughly committed to your learning. Backed with an exceptional musical adroit, the teachers at Mela Music School are equipped with the know-how needed to help students master their musical learning. As such, regardless of what the prior level of learning has been. Their teachers will help in sharpening your skills in a holistic environment that propels your musical pursuits to the summit. As such, you can experience assured improvement in your skills as you progress through each class. We take pride in being a thriving platform that serves as the best place to guarantee your musical growth. Our online music classes in India are designed to be best-in-class and contribute to your musical learning curves on a consistent basis. 

As the premier music academy online, we help in creating musicians who are well-acquainted with even the most minute particulars of their musical craft. Our exceptional online music classes ensure that you get acquainted with all the important particulars associated with achieving excellence in their musical pursuits. Furthermore, our online music learning structure is expertly crafted. With their immense experience, they understand the significance of building a good and effective learning structure that students can benefit from. The learning structure is of the standards of the best online music classes in India and is meant to naturally go in accordance with your learning style and growth.