Is a VPN Worth It in 2021?

If you’ve used a Virtual Private Network or VPN, it’s probably been for one of two reasons one trying to stick it to those greedy corporations by getting around a geo filter, so you can watch streaming content, or to, to protect your own firkin privacy. Today, today we’re going to be talking about that second use case and how many VPNs have come under fire for not keeping customers browsing habits private enough. So, can you actually trust your VPN service. It helps to first know how a VPN works at least in theory, the idea is that you connect to a VPN which then connects you to the wider internet, your ISP cannot see which sites or services you’re visiting, or using except for the fact that you’re using a certain VPN. Now many VPNs claim to protect user privacy by promising not to keep logs of user activity, however some amount of logging is necessary for them to even operate at all, as the services have to keep tabs on IP addresses.

Do VPNs actually keep you as private as they claim?

If you are thinking that “is a VPN worth it?”, then definitely the answer is yes. You definitely need a VPN. In order to know where data should be sent to and from the real question is whether these VPNs log no more information than is absolutely necessary, And whether they purge their logs, as soon as data transfers are complete, similarly to your ISP a VPN could in theory view everything you’re seeing that isn’t encrypted, that includes not only sites you visited but information about your device, and even the contents of your unencrypted messages, no matter how lewd they are, and even if you turn on your VPN encryption feature, that doesn’t stop the VPN service from logging which sites you’re viewing, so we find ourselves in a situation of either being forced to trust our ISP or being forced to trust a VPN.

So how do we know which one to trust, well there’s going to be an element of taking claims on faith, no matter what you do, it’s kind of the same way you trust that when you get on a commercial flight, there wasn’t a drunk and competent mechanic who was working on patching up the wings an hour ago, but you can still minimize the risk of your data being exposed by doing some homework on VPN providers.

First of all, it’s a good idea to shy away from free VPNs and no even though we’ve featured paid services as sponsors on this channel before, no one’s paying us to say this, you see many free VPNs are ad supported and while these might be okay if you’re just trying to get around to Geo-filter, it’s hard to trust them to keep your data private, providing a VPN for user’s costs money, and many free VPNs aren’t above selling your browsing data to third parties in order to serve relevant ads, which are more profitable than untargeted ads. In fact, there was a big scandal in 2020 where several free VPN who claimed not to log user activity, shocker had over a whole terabyte of activity logs leaked out onto the open Internet. And if you go back a few more years. Another popular free VPN called Hola actually sold their users bandwidth, meaning that many people were unknowingly having their computers used as part of a malware botnet. Bottom line, it just isn’t worth saving a few bucks, and we’ll tell you more-right after we thank C Sonic for sponsoring today’s video, see Sonics prime Ultra titanium PC power supplies have ultra-high efficiency thanks to their 80 Plus titanium rating, they’re fully module feature hybrid fan control to control overall fan noise, and they got fluid dynamic fan bearings. That’s fancy.

They got up to a 50,000-hour life expectancy, along with a 12-year warranty, you’re going to upgrade your PC before that, so check them out at the link below. Now even though you want to avoid free VPNs, paying for one doesn’t get you completely out of the woods. Before plunking down your hard earned cash carefully read the VPN policies and see if there are any third party audits available, many reputable paid VPNs hire outside auditing firms to come in and evaluate their privacy practices, and it’s better if these audit results are published by the firm itself, not by the VPN, marketing and PR team, they’ve got a bit of a vested interest there another smart thing to do is see if a VPN service you’re interested in has been forced by government authorities to cough up logs of user activity. There have been instances of paid services that claim they don’t log activity, turning over enough information to authorities, to have their users arrested. And while we obviously don’t at all condone using a VPN to commit crimes.

Please don’t. It can be useful to know if law enforcement, the one group that can often compel a VPN to turn over user logs, if it has any couldn’t get their hands on those logs, because they didn’t even exist in the first place. Speaking of law enforcement, also check and see if the country that the VPN is based in has mandatory data retention laws, depending on exactly where in the world your VPN is located, they may have no choice but to track your activity, so be sure to understand the legal situation before you start browsing for example France and Australia are known to have mandatory logging, while Panama and Romania, do not, at least for the time being, I think the moon is also pretty libertarian. And finally, remember that just because something says VPN on it, that doesn’t mean it’s designed to enhance your privacy. There was a big scandal in 2019 after Facebook was convincing users, many of them, teenagers to install a VPN on their phone that tracks their activity in return for small amounts of money. I want some cash to buy bubble-gum at the corner store, so be very careful about whom you trust, just like you do offline, and you wouldn’t buy stuff from every salesperson that comes to your door would you. That was me one time, and then I just ran out of room for all the vacuum cleaners. Oh my gosh, that was a technic.

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