Invest in Real Estate with Peace of Mind
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Property management is an important activity for success in real estate. Whether it is to make an investment or simply to enjoy greater freedom. choosing a qualified manager who is attentive to your specific needs will allow you to benefit from greater peace of mind. The experience of our real estate appraiser near me allows us to establish sound management of the buildings or properties entrusted to us.

Our commercial real estate appraiser ensures that all tasks and obligations related to the building under management. are carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. that the decisions are taken with regard to the building comply with the regulations in force, that your property rights are respected, etc.

We always work in the interest of the building and, by extension, the interest of its owner. Our work ensures that we find the most suitable solutions to maintain and increase the value of the properties we manage.

What we can do for you

We offer a property management service for the following cases:

  • Single-family residential property
  • Multi-family residential property (2 units or more)
  • Commercial property of all kinds
  • Industrial property of all kinds

Our services tailored to your needs can range from a simple on-call service. It is for your tenants to full building management on your behalf. It is important that you are confident with our management service in order to create a harmonious business relationship.

We can also do:

  • rent collection,
  • the renewal and negotiation of leases,
  • negotiating and awarding contracts for maintenance and/or renovation work,
  • management of vacant buildings,
  • housing rental services with a tenant selection process,
  • disputes over property assessments,
  • and many other services.

In addition, we carry out the complete accounting management of the building. The payment and management of current, payable, and receivable accounts, as well as banking activities from our trust accounts.


The experience of our managers allows them to guide you in order to obtain the most knowledgeable nationwide property and appraisal services. They offer you solutions to problems regularly encountered in real estate Services . such as the insurable fair value of a building or the value of rental rents in the sector of your properties. Our managers ensure compliance with laws and regulations. site maintenance, and the financial health of the buildings under management. They also receive calls from occupants on a 24/7 availability in the event of an emergency.