How to plan a sporting event
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Prepare the state program and submit it to the consideration of the head of the Executive Power for its approval and, where appropriate, publication, as well as coordinate, execute and evaluate its compliance; Represent the sport of Jalisco before the authorities and instances that are necessary; Coordinate the use of state-owned spaces and facilities for sports, as well as propose and promote the construction of areas for the different sports disciplines; Celebrate agreements, agreements and bases with the federal, state and municipal sports authorities within the scope of their attributions and faculties, in order to promote, with the participation, where appropriate, of the social and private sectors, the policies, actions and programs aimed at fostering, promoting, encouraging and developing physical culture and sports in the entity;

Implement the necessary measures and programs

 To establish an institutional evaluation, monitoring and certification program for sports centers and schools attached to the Jalisco Code where sports are practiced in all its forms; Coordinate the necessary actions to establish guidelines for participation, care, attention and monitoring of athletes from Jalisco in any kind of competition or national or international nba중계 fair, within the scope of their powers and faculties and without contravening the provisions of international regulations and statutes. Of the national federations and of the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport;

Establish the necessary actions to implement

 a program for the development, training and monitoring of sports talents in the state;  Incorporate into the state system the municipalities that so decide and promote the inclusion of those that are not yet part of it; Promote the management of additional resources to its budget for the fulfillment of its purposes; Operate the State Registry of Physical Culture and Sports and encourage registration in it; Issue guidelines for the organization and development of the state system, and submit them to the consideration of the head of the Executive Branch for approval and, where appropriate, publication;

Plan and promote the teaching and practice

 Of physical culture and sports in all its modalities and categories in Jalisco and ensure that they are in accordance with guidelines and special characteristics to safeguard their condition, health and corresponding physical possibility; Propose the mechanisms for the adequate coordination and collaboration of work between the different dependencies and entities of the federal, state and municipal public administration, as well as public or private educational institutions, in relation to research programs, in applied sciences and techniques. of physical culture and sport;

Schedule training courses,

 Updating, training and other activities so that the technical personnel acquire a better preparation and development for Jalisco athletes in coordination with the members of the state system;

Coordinate and assist with the members of the state system in carrying out actions for the rehabilitation of young people with somatic, mental and social adaptation problems through sports programs, in coordination with other agencies of the public and private sectors;

Issue an opinion on projects for the development of physical culture and sports in the state, when so required and in accordance with its budget availability;

Implement the necessary measures for access to the incentives established by this law and its regulations under equal conditions and circumstances for athletes and coaches in all forms of sport; Create, manage and keep updated the state registry under the terms of this law; and The others granted by this law and other applicable legal provisions.