How to Choose Children’s Clothes?
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Your child is growing visibly and his/her clothes and has nothing left to wear. It’s time to update your children’s clothes.

Your child is no longer a baby, goes to school and trudges around. Therefore, it is important to adapt the baby girl dresses to her daily life.

In his daily life and even more at school, he is also asked to fend for himself and be independent. By choosing the right clothes, you can help him and simplify his daily life. Discover our tips for choosing children’s clothes

6 tips for choosing your children‘s clothes

How to choose children’s clothes? Discover our tips and share yours in the comments.

1| Prefer practical clothes

Recreation, outings in the forest, sports activities, bike rides, tree climbing… our children have lives full of activity. Their clothes must be practical and suitable for every moment of the day. Forget ruffles, asymmetrical or even too short tops that go up with each movement. In one sentence: prefer the classic to the original.

2| Opt for durable clothing

Forget the fragile materials that may not withstand the many games of perched cat and rolling in the playground. The ideal garment for children is resistant and does not tear on first use. Jeans, cotton… many materials offer both comfort and resistance.

3| Buy clothes that are easy to wash

Paint, crayons, mud, glue, earth… children often cultivate this talent for getting dirty at lightning speed. So, if you don’t want to spend your evenings desperately rubbing this summer dress for girls, opt for easily washable materials that go into the washing machine and come off easily. Here too, the most classic materials are often the most practical.

4| Choose children’s clothes that are easy to put on and take off

Children are not always nimble. They can be clumsy when it comes to getting dressed properly and putting the button in the buttonhole, after going to the toilet for example. In this context, zippers and Velcro appear as the best friends of children… and their teachers. By opting for simplified closures, you will save your teachers the 30 pants to button up after the pee break and help make your children more independent.

5| Choose Children’s Clothes with elastics

Our children’s pants are often too big and need to be adjusted. The solution: opt for those with adjustable elastic bands at the waistband. By tightening them, you will adapt the pants to the size of your children. And then the rubber bands, it’s more practical than the suspenders, painful to undo and put back, each time you go to the toilet.

6| Adapt to the tastes of your children

With age, more and more children assert their clothing preferences. To avoid a daily war when it comes to getting dressed, take care to choose with them the smocked dress baby that you plan to buy them. Or ask them at least their preferences before making your purchases. If some of their desires are too extravagant for you, you can always open the discussion and find a compromise. This will prevent your purchases from remaining at the back of the cupboard.