Hiring Software Developers for a Startup? Things to Consider Before Stepping-in

Are you owning a startup inspired by digital technology? Undoubtedly you need to look for skilled developers to hire at certain points. 

Being able to find professionals for your startup can be a do-or-die situation for your overall business. So it is vitally important to assure that you are making progress in the right direction. 

Do you know what are the things big companies are looking for, before taking in any candidate? In this blog, we are sharing some information on how to find and Hire Software Developers in a tech-driven environment. 

Take things slow

You have all the time in the world to think and find the ideal candidates for your business. One of the biggest mistakes founders make is rushing with the hiring process. When you hire the wrong candidates, it will directly impact your overall production. You will end up with high costs and a waste of time. 

So take your time and determine exactly what and whom you want. Then, you are good to go looking for the ideal candidates precisely.

Do not opt for the one-man-army 

If you hire a single Software Developer for all your needs, there might be high possibility that he/she will start directing your business solely. So it is advisable to hire multiple candidates and form a unique team.

You should balance your team in terms of abilities, experience, smartness, and eagerness to be successful. The more experts you keep in your team to play together, the higher the chances you will get something remarkable for your business. 

Avoid relying excessively on the Resume 

There are plenty of individuals in the market having top-notch resumes. But when it comes to the performance, you will get disappointed with the performance quality and even not do well in the face-to-face conversation. Anyone can showcase skills nicely on paper, but in reality, the whole scenario is different.

So you just can’t rely on the piece of paper completely. You have to hire the one who might be poor in a resume but perform excellently in the real-time environment. 

Do not stick to particular tools and technology 

In the ever-updating age of technologies and tools, if you hang on to the specific programming language, you might be losing on success. 

All you need to focus on is the approaches, how candidates are solving the issues. Be attentive to the algorithm rather than a coding language. If you hire a great problem solver, he/she can definitely learn new languages and tools with each update. 

Assure their productivity with the code 

Nobody wants to hire the one who writes messy codes. Even if it provides good functionality, no one prefers to get engaged with the disordered coding lines.

You have to make sure the ideal candidate is aware of how to generate well-written code without compromising the quality and performance. 

Let them perform 

You should understand each software developer is creative in their own way. They are not only a part of any developer community who are engaged with open-source or individual projects. They are working to enhance the scope of their daily job. 

The more you invest in your employee’s training and education, the more fruitful they become for your business. For that, you do not have to force them to attend any lavish conferences or lectures. All you need to do is let them provide room for their personal development. It will aid them to be more productive and keep motivated to deliver something great. 

Ask them to resolve a real-life issue

Before hiring, you have to test the candidate with real-life concerns. Don’t just give them coding challenges, but instead ask for the real-time issue you think your business might face in the future. 

Based on that you can easily determine how mature a candidate is in tackling real-life technology-relevant issues. A developers’ approach towards the problems clarifies whether they are addressing the problem in the right way and whether they would be the best fit for your startup or not. 

Appoint a technical person for the technical hiring 

If you have a technical person on board while selecting the other technical developers can make a huge difference. They will help you with the technical interview process in an effective way. 

You can also allow your already Hired Software Developers to validate the skills of technical candidates. They know which particular questions need to be asked in the interviews about the tools and technologies. You can also take help from the consultancy, but it can cost you much. 

Don’t overlook the company culture

While hiring, you need to be focused on the company culture as well. It would be preferable to ask non-technical questions along with technical questionnaires as it will help you to determine if the developers are a good fit for the future or not. 

Check out the communication skills on an initial basis, ask whether they will work remotely or in-office premises. Hiring for the company culture results in the sustainable growth of your business and results in better team integration. 

Top websites from where you can hire the best developers for your business. 

  1. Github
  2. Gun.io
  3. Stack Overflow
  4. Upwork
  5. Toptal
  6. AngelList
  7. Dice
  8. Guru
  9. Working Nomads
  10. Altar.io

Summing Up

Building a product from scratch is exciting and complicated simultaneously. Even when you have a unique idea to bring into reality, all you need is the right individuals on board to help you in each phase of your startup. That is why having a brilliant team is quite significant for your startup’s success.

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