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Production and direction of films and videos in the high-tech world

Do you want to develop your communication in the high-tech field. Get people talking about your products or services in a modern way. LMZ Prod is an audiovisual production company that will help you bring your high-tech video production projects to life.

Video is essential for the image of a company in the field of new technologies. Industry or high-tech company, we support you in your video strategy and promote your innovations and cutting-edge technologies.

Innovate in high-tech video production!

News about new technologies is intense. The major digital video companies near me file numerous patents, seek out the major trends and innovations of the future. Whatever your field: information technology, aerospace, biotechnology, robotics, cybersecurity… We produce videos to enhance and highlight your software, applications, smartphones, touchpads, or any other high-tech products.

Video gives you a competitive edge to stand out in a highly competitive industry. In B2B as in B2C, innovation is essential, your communication essential. Whether you are a large innovative company an American Tech start-upwe are here to support you and offer you our creative ideas.

Communicate on video about your high-tech company

In highlight your company its hightech services video has an essential tool. you to immerse yourself in the heart of your premises in your daily work to your search for the best in innovation.

You communicate about your software and other technological services, or your high-tech products. Whether on Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobile telephony, a smartphone application, we will offer you a suitable scenario and carry out the shooting and editing of your corporate film.

Whether it’s an internet broadcast communication on social networks, the production of a high-tech video will shed light on your production company near me, its talents, and your skills.

Showcase your high-tech products

Tech news is growing. New and digital technologies are present in everyone’s daily life. To stand out from the competition and propel your products to top sales, video is essential.

As a player in the high-tech industry, you are constantly on the lookout for the novelties of tomorrow. 80% of the products we will consume in the coming decades do not exist today. It is necessary to communicate their advantages, their design, their functions.

In a catalog containing many references, we offer you a differentiating, creative and audacious video communication. Your high-tech brand will gain visibility.

Bring high-tech events to your community on video

You organize or participate in events and wish to attract new partners and customers. Do not hesitate to communicate at this gathering and show your presence in the news of the high-tech world.

A trade show, product launch, conferences… These are important moments in the development of a business. Call on a 3d movie maker that can transcribe the film of your event with aesthetics and emotion.

With a high-tech video event, you will act as much on your internal and external communication.