High-Quality Water Filtration Products and Water Machines in Connecticut
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Due to growing concerns about pollution in the water and the environment, Clearwater of New England came up with its finest quality water filtration products in Connecticut. The ever-increasing carbon footprint in nature has created a problem of pure and potable water for the local people.

With over a decade of experience in providing quality products, we have focused on delivering high-quality water machines in Connecticut. We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the drinking water industry by eliminating the excessive use of plastic bottles and replacing it with a sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

Our superior quality water filtration products in Connecticut

We at Clear Water of New England work with the motto, “Water means life and clean water means health”. Our company specializes in providing bottle-less water for our customer’s homes and offices.

With keeping that in mind, we have come up with our exquisite range of bottle-less water machines in Connecticut.

  • WS 9000 CT:- It has LG parts and components, all stainless steel reservoirs, and innovative design and technology.
  • WS 9000 water cooler:-  It has all stainless steel reservoirs, balances pH levels in the water, and enhances water alkalinity.
  • WS 11000 UV:- It is microprocessor controlled, comes with in-built indicators and sensors, and has a built-in leak detection system.

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Water Machines in Connecticut

Our top-grade water machines in Connecticut

Our hottest selling machines include the WS 9000 CT, the WS 9000 water cooler, and the WS 11000 UV. Each one of these water filtration products has unique qualities. Not to mention but a lot of people in New England are shifting towards this beautiful concept of bottle-less water.

With the advent of big drinkable water companies, who claim to protect the environment are in reality degrading it. Plastic continues to remain the top pollutant that is harming our prestigious mother nature walmart pharmacy hours.

Our water machines in Connecticut have changed the lives of so many people. People drink tap water that contains common pollutants such as arsenic, pesticides, nitrates, and even more. Children and adults are at a much higher risk of falling ill after consuming tap water.

The solution

At Clearwater, we strictly believe that every person must have access to clean water no matter where they are living. This is the sole reason why Clearwater is a proud partner of Water For People, an organization that is constantly improving the quality of life of people residing in developing countries.

By choosing our water filtration products over plastic bottles, you take one step forward in bringing a change in the current global environmental scenario. We wholeheartedly invite you to join the Clearwater family and experience the benefits of the next generation’s delicious bottle-less water.

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Our team would be extremely delighted if you bring an environmental reform by trying out our water machines in Connecticut.


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