Hardwood Flooring Installation Tips

Hardwood floors are professionally installed for a reason. If you know what you’re doing, installing hardwood floors yourself can save you a lot of money but professional builders merchants install the hardwood floor in a short span of time. Improper preparation and installation can cause warping and buckling, which can damage the floor. To ensure the structural integrity of the soil, the most important thing is to prepare.

Interlocking wood-based materials is the easiest to install and, due to improper installation, is least likely to cause problems. Hire builders merchants, they can solve all the installation problems. 


1. Choose the type of hard wood and the width of the wood used for the installation of the room.

2. Measure the width and length of the room and multiply by square feet. When ordering hardwood floors consult builders merchants, please allow an additional 10-15% charge for irregular wood planks and any cutting errors.

3. Check the lower floor. The minimum requirement is a 3/4 inch plywood sub-floor. Make sure there are no squeaks on the floor. If there is a squeak, screw the long drywall screws into the sub-floor and the joists that produced the squeak. Clean the part and clean it thoroughly.

4. Spread strips of moisture-proof paper, overlapping at least 4 inches, and firmly nailed to the bottom floor. Use 15 pounds of tar paper or felt. Mark with a pencil on the plinth where the joist is located.

5. Begin installation on the longest transparent wall. Remove the shoe mold and loop a 3/8 “chalk line from the bottom plate (this can expand in hot and humid weather and shrink in cold and dry weather).

6. First select a long board to start the first row. Choose a straight line. Align the edge of the board with the chalk line and drill pilot holes in the hardwood board to enter the floor and joists. Nail each board to the end of each joist and secure the nail with nails. Nail the entire first row with your nails and remember to keep the length of the board random.

It is important to place the first board perpendicular to the joists below. This is important because you need a good solid anchor. Look downstairs to see how the nails and seams are laid out. Try entering the crawl space and see how they work.

7. After installing the first leads, drill a pilot hole in the tongue of each plate and nail the film by hand until there is enough room for the pneumatic nail gun.

8. Using a pneumatic nail gun, place the lip of the gun on the edge of the plate and hit it firmly with a hammer to drive the staple into the tongue of the hard plate. When the installation volume reaches the threshold, accurate cutting is not important.

9. If you are cutting along the last line, please select an appropriate last line and put a length of 10 or 12 inches aside before cutting it local seo chicago. Use another block at the beginning of the next line. 

10. Always cut the wall end of the wood to avoid cutting out the groove that matches the tongue. In this case there is a big gap. Find a piece and place it next to the hole and turn it over. When marking, make sure to cut off the wall side instead of the room side.

11. If you are near the opposite wall, the distance of the pneumatic nail gun becomes a problem again. Drill holes in the pilot hole and nail the board by hand until there is no gap between the drill and hammer. At this point, drill a pilot hole in the top of the board and nail the board with nails. Remember to fix the nails with nails.

12. If the gap of the last plate is very narrow, measure and tear the last plate lengthways to fix it. Remember to leave a 3/8 inch gap in the bulkhead to expand and contract.

13. Put the shoe shape back in the room and then repair any nail holes that have been nailed. Make sure you get a putty that fits the floor. Fill the holes and wipe off any excess.

14. The maintenance of pre-coated wooden floors is regularly easy to clean in order to keep the sand away from the surface. Use floor cleaning tools (alcohol-based) and then wipe them with a damp cloth. Hardwood floors also help reduce house dust mites.

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