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Tricks to Fix an iPhone Flashlight that isn’t Working

If the flash light of your iphone device is not working and you are wondering why isn’t my flashlight working iphone, then here we are with the best information for you using which you can fix this problem and get your flashlight working once again. 

It is quite essential to fix this issue because almost all of us make use of iphone flashlight on a daily basis as it is an important part of a mobile device. 

In this blog today, we are going to tell you about how you will be able to get your flashlight not working fixed in some very simple ways. 

Solutions to fix iphone flash light which is not working for your iphone – 


Is the problem with your case?

It might sound silly but sometimes it is your mobile case which is not letting you use flash light. If you have recently changed your mobile case then it might not be correct with your phone and is blocking your lenses and flash so you need to have a look at it. 

See if iphone is charged or not 

Another very simple explanation for iphone flashlight not turning on is the battery level of your iphone. If your iphone is in low power mode then it automatically restricts the amount of power which is used by your device. So, to ensure that flash light works on your device you must ensure that your iphone is properly charged or you should turn off low power mode of iphone. 

Restarting the iphone or your ipad device 

Another effective way which you must use is to simply restart the mobile device you are using, but before doing so you must first get all your work in progress and then close the apps which are open on your iphone. 

Once this is done you can reboot your iphone and then turn it on again and then check if you are able to use the flash light of your iphone device once again or not. 

Exit the camera app of your iphone device 

Sometimes the reason for flashlight not working on iphone can be because the camera of your iphone device is turned on. It is fact which you must keep in mind that you cannot use both flashlight and camera app together at the same time so, if you wish to turn on the flashlight of your iphone device you must first turn off the camera app of your iphone. 

Contacting Apple support for flash light issue  

If your iphone’s flashlight is still not working then the last option which you got is to contact the Apple support so that they can check if there is any hardware issue with your iphone and if yes, then they will solve it for you. 

If there is some other problem with your iphone, the apple support will also fix this for you so that you do not face any other troubles again. 

Changing control centre settings of your device 

To change the control centre you are supposed to open the settings app and then tap on the control centre option. 

After which you now have to tap on the minus sign which is in the red circle next to the flash light. 

Finally tap the remove button to remove the flash light from the control centre after which you will be able to use the flashlight. 

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