Fine blonde hair: Tricks to gain volume

Natural or weakened by chemical treatments, blonde hair is generally finer than brunettes. Treatments, hairstyles, cutting or coloring: discover all the tricks to give it volume that we describe in online cosmetology school.

To ensure a dream volume despite your fine hair, start by taking the problem to the root by adapting your hair routine to your needs: alternate revealing blonde treatments with shampoos and after shampoo with a densifying effect and volume contribution. Then use other means.

Cheating with hairstyle

Dry your hair upside down to detach the roots and thus reinforce the volume of your mane. Is better give yourself a gentle blow-dry Than to straighten it, you will bring movements to the mane and give the impression of a denser mane. Also play with the material by wrinkling the hair or combing some highlights. Your best ally in this case are texturizing powders, With them, you will get hairstyles with more movements or wavy. If your hair is naturally curly, opt for a treatment that increases the strength of the curls to gain volume. If not, use a tweezers to style wide waves. You also have the option of making yourself up high and bulging to avoid the flat effect.

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Cut to reinforce volume

Apart from the XXL manes that accentuate the lack of density, the bob cut ends hair without volume giving it body and spaciousness. For curly hair, the best is an unstructured pixie cut. Straight curtain bangs or curly, degraded mid-length hair is another good option. To sublimate your hair nature, your stylist should cut slowly to avoid impoverishing your hair mass.

Give relief to your color

Avoid extreme blondes with a lack of depth like platinum. I bet you a blonde with various shades creating contrasts that create the illusion of a fuller mane. Many times, just a few highlights is enough to add relief: let yourself be seduced by a light balayage with luminous reflections. For a stronger finish, go for the tie & dye with darker roots. Always entrust your hair to an expert color stylist for an optimal effect. With a very light base, it will darken the inside to add volume. Ideally, a tone-on-tone color is ideal for a natural finish.

Give volume to my straight and fine hair

Having fine, straight hair is not a fatality. And contrary to popular belief, the lack of volume is not exclusive to fine hair. To give it body and substance, discover our advice from professionals.

Choosing good cosmetics is the first reflex you have to adopt. Cleanse your hair with a volumizing shampoo to sheathe the fiber and give it substance. “If your ends need a treatment, don’t leave it too long. Rinse it quickly so that the hair does not become heavy.

For styling, avoid serum-type products that could weigh on the hair. “foams with a medium fixation index, insisting on the roots. This will allow you to take them off more easily”. You can also gain volume by drying. “Tilt your head forward and then to the side by drying your hair with a low-setting blow dryer. Dry it with your fingers in the opposite direction from the roots to detach them and thus gain volume ”.

A tailored cut also allows you to get more volume. “Favor degraded cuts, to give your hair a maximum of movement and lightness, and avoid full cuts, which will otherwise make it heavier.”

Our advice: We advise in our touched by angel salon to give the hit, a solution: carding. “It’s a bit like we put a cushion under our hair!” Use a boar bristle bun comb or mini-brush. It will allow you to curl the matter without reducing its volume when you straighten your hair or when you blow dry. Inside the hair, at the level of the roots, comb in the opposite direction to what you traditionally do. And with that, you gained even more volume!

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