EBooks vs Printed books
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Books and education have a strong connection. Books are considered to be one of the most significant resources required to gain knowledge and education. Over time, we have seen a massive innovation in every walk of life, including education. One of the foremost discussions in education is about the significance and comparison between eBooks and printed books. Traditionally, printed books were used in education where students had to buy books and carry them with themselves in a bag to school. Now, we can see a trend of eBooks replacing printed books.

EBook stands for an electronic book that is the digital version of a book accessed digitally. It has other interactive features also that are not present in a physical book. They can be accessed online or downloaded for offline use on a device such as your smartphone, laptop or PC. The online versions usually consist of additional features such as online quizzes, activities and others. On the other hand, a printed book is simply the printed version of a book having pages and a hardcover. They can be purchased online or directly from a shop and used without any digital equipment.

Comparison between eBooks and printed books

Following are the areas where eBooks differ from regular printed books.


Every reader has unique reading specifications for font size, style, colour, etc. It is possible to customize an eBook’s layout and adjust the font for the convenience of readers. You can also turn on night mode, eye care mode, light and dark themes and many more filters to make it comprehendible for yourself. It allows you to highlight important points and then clear the marks after the work is done. This way, the book remains the same, and no difference is created in its value. Experts who work for cheap assignment writing service uk usually use eBooks for making different assignments for their ease and instant source. You can easily search for a word, sentence or a page within few seconds.

Printed books have a fixed and final layout that cannot be altered whether the reader likes it or not. Sometimes the font size is so small that you cannot read it in low light. The colour, style and other layout are also unalterable. If you highlight important points once, the marks remain on the book forever. A highlighted or marked book cannot be resold at its original price even if it is up to the mark otherwise. There is nothing like adjusting the screen’s brightness according to the environment. You must have good light and a comfortable place to read a printed book. You have to go through the whole book to find a certain word or phrase.

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eBooks are more portable than printed books since they are weightless. There is no need to carry them in hands or bags. You can easily keep it on your phone and carry it with you everywhere. You can carry thousands of eBooks on your phone or a USB without any problem.

Printed books are comparatively less portable since they carry weight and occupy space also. You cannot carry them with you everywhere. Also, you can only carry a few of them at a time. Considering portability, eBooks are better than printed books.


Considering the cost factor, eBooks are cheaper than printed paper books. You can easily find comparative prices on different websites. Even the highest price is less than the printed version of the book. Sometimes you can also find several eBooks for free.

On the other hand, printed books are costlier. However, the high price is just to some extent since printing and papers have their cost. However, if you want to buy used books, you can get them for a comparatively lower price. This feature is not available in eBooks. Also, you can resell printed books after use to recover some costs. But reselling an eBook for profit is not possible since people like to purchase it on their own from a trustworthy site.

Impact on health

eBooks cannot be used without a digital device. You must have an electronic gadget such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC to access an eBook. The light and radiations emitted from the screen of the digital device are harmful to the eyesight of the reader. It can result in the weakening of eyesight. Also, it can cause a headache if continuously used sitting in an inappropriate posture.

Printed books do not cause any harm to eyesight since they do not emit any harmful light. The reader can only read them in enough light, so the risk of weakening the eyesight due to reading in the dark is also reduced. Studies show no harmful impact on the health of reading printed books.

Dependence on technology

eBooks depend entirely on technology from their creation to use. They are published and downloaded on the online platform. Even after downloading, you cannot access them unless you have enough charging in your gadget. You also must have a stable internet connection.

On the other hand, printed books also require technology for their publishing, designing and layout. However, once you purchase them, they can be used manually as and when wanted. There is no limitation to having an internet connection or a digital device to read them.

Impact on environment

The surge in global warming has raised concerns for environmental safety in everything we do. eBooks are considered to be more environment-friendly since they need fewer natural resources. They also promote a paperless environment that is one of the measures for environmental safety and reducing pollution.

Printed books require tons of papers that are made from natural resources. The most significant among them is the wood taken from trees. The cutting of trees is harmful to the environment since it opens doors for pollution, soil erosion and other harmful effects. Also, the packaging of the books includes materials that are harmful to the environment and result in pollution.

Final thoughts The recent world is driven by technology, and this trend will surge in the future even more. This indicates the dominance of eBooks over paper books. The future trend is also expected to be more inclined towards online education, where mostly eBooks are used. However, both eBooks and printed books have unique features and can be used according to the situation and available resources.

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