Defective orthosis: what to do?
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Orthoses are very resistant but as strong as they are, Avoid breakage that can occur due to mishandling of custom-made foot orthoses. They are subject to several constraints and are subject to a lot of movement and pressure. custom-molded orthotics can break or are defective. What to do at that time? The following article will provide you with information on best practices for maintaining your orthotics and what to do in the event of a breakage or defect.

Why does an orthosis break?

Maintenance is the most important thing to consider ensuring a long life for orthotics. Sloppy maintenance can cause the orthosis to break or even lose its effectiveness. If you wear orthotics specifically designed for your feet, basic maintenance should include certain steps. First, remove the orthotics from your shoes at the end of the day, clean them with lukewarm water and mild soap, dry them in the open air, and away from sources of artificial heat such as heaters or the hair-dryer. You can also, if necessary, spray them with an anti-odor product specifically designed for orthotics. Orthoses are also vulnerable to sand.

follow-up visits

consult a specialist orthotics for plantar fasciitis for your orthotics even if they are well at least once a year to check the optimal effectiveness of the orthosis. Sometimes they need to be modified or replaced over time. Preventive visits can also highlight the degree of wear of the orthosis. The foot orthotics specialist will perform a biomechanical examination to check that you are adjusting well to the orthosis.

Signs to watch out for

There are certain signs to look out for to detect if your orthotics are defective or broken. For example, be vigilant if your orthotics wear out quickly, if you have been wearing them for many years without having had a follow-up or if you feel the pain that was not present before. Consider making an appointment with an orthopedist if you are adding a new sporting activity to your daily routine or if you have gained or lost a lot of weight.

Reimbursement for damaged orthotics

In certain cases, the Top FINC can reimburse the costs of workers who had to have orthotics near me repaired involuntarily damaged during working hours. Feel free to check if this is the case for you. If your claim is accepted, all you have to do is complete a form to request reimbursement of your expenses.

After-sales service and guaranteed

It is possible, despite all the precautions taken, that you notice breakage or a defect once you return home. The soles of the feet are a very innervated part, after a few days of walking you may feel pain that was not there during the trial. The after-sales service provides for adjustments that are sometimes unavoidable. In addition, find out about the satisfaction guarantee offered with your orthosis. This type of warranty protects you in the event of a defect. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your orthotist. He will be happy to inform you with professionalism about the after-sales service of your plantar orthotics.