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Customize Your Skincare Routine in 5 Easy Steps

As soon as spring arrives, it’s a good idea to scrutinize not only your wardrobe, but your skincare routine as well. After all, in the spring and summer the humidity and amount of UV radiation are higher, your skin retains more heat, you sweat faster … These are all factors to take into account. It is therefore wise to adjust your skin care accordingly. Here are the 5 most essential things to take into account.


You should of course use sunscreen all year round (hopefully you will), but now that the Northern Hemisphere is starting to tilt towards the sun, the intensity of the UVA and UVB radiation is increasing. And just as you adjust your clothes for the warmer weather, it’s also time to take a critical look at your SPF wardrobe: make sure to use a high (er) factor in the spring and summer to avoid unnecessary skin ages due to the higher sun power.


Proper cleansing is the foundation of any skincare routine. During the winter months, you may like to use a cleansing cream or balm. If you prefer to cleanse your skin with these types of cleansers, there is no reason not to keep doing this; as long as it is a cleanser that leaves the pH level of your skin intact and does not damage your skin barrier. Some people prefer to use a gel cleanser during the warmer months because it feels fresh and cooling, for example our Triple Action Cleanser. It doesn’t matter what you prefer, as long as it’s not a foaming cleanser. They contain nasty surfactants, which strip your skin and cause a chain reaction of dryness, irritation and blemishes. You can read more about avoiding foam-forming cleansers in this blog . Fortunately, all our cleansers are free from foaming and therefore surfactants. Learn more read our blog site 


Your skin naturally gets rid of dead skin cells every day, but sometimes this natural process is disrupted. One of the consequences is dull, pale skin. An exfoliant removes dead skin cells in a very mild way, so that fresh, new skin appears. An exfoliant softens wrinkles, makes the skin smoother and more even, tackles clogged pores and improves the hydration of your skin. Alpha-H has various products in its range that exfoliate your skin in a chemical, physical or enzymatic way. So you can choose a product that best suits your skin type and your specific skin needs.


Did you know that vitamin C helps to defuse free radicals in your skin and thus prevent DNA damage? In addition, vitamin C inhibits the production of melanin, which fades existing pigmentation and prevents new pigmentation. By applying a vitamin C serum under your SPF daily, the natural supply of antioxidants in your skin gets a huge boost. Antioxidants help protect the skin from environmental aging. With our Vitamin Profiling collection you can adjust your skin care every day exactly to what your skin needs at that moment.


In the warmer months, your skin sometimes feels warm and sticky, but don’t let this tempt you to skip applying moisturizer. When your skin becomes dehydrated, it starts producing more sebum to make up for the lack of moisture. Many people then try to control excess sebum with a cleanser that ‘strips’ the skin. This leads to a vicious circle, in which the skin becomes (even further) dehydrated and irritated, with all the nasty consequences that entails. If your current moisturizer feels a bit too full and greasy for the summer, use a lighter version or even an oil-free moisturizer. Always choose a moisturizer with sun protection during the day, and one with a lighter texture in the evening than in winter. A nice,

Feel free to contact us if you are not entirely sure which products are suitable for your skin. Our online specialists are ready to advise you. You can ask your question via our contact form . We aim to answer you the same day or in any case within 24 hours. You can also contact one of our skin experts for even more personal and better fitting advice. Click here for the nearest salon or point of sale in your area.

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