How difficult is certified information systems security professional (CISSP)

How Difficult is Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)?

The CISSP certification is managed and governed by the International information systems security certification consortium, more commonly known as (ISC)2, is an advanced level security certification that was first introduced in 1994 and is in-demand since then. The demand for CISSP certification is on the rise constantly among the security professionals, security engineers, network device administrator, security device administrators, privacy security officers, information security officers, security policy writers, IT consultants and IT managers. 

The CISSP certification is a benchmark for security professionals all across the globe. With the CISSP certification in hand, the professionals also get a chance to become a part of the elite community of the CISSP holders and certified professionals where they also get chance to learn from other certified individuals and through their diverse experiences. However, to get certified with CISSP certification is not like sleeping on a bed of roses, the certification is difficult and a hard nut to crack owing to the fact that a ton of material is available for practice but there is not a designated right and direct approach towards the CISSP certification which makes it more difficult. The certification tries to assist the overall technical and managerial competency across eight diverse domains. The CISSP content and test format were changed recently which created havoc for those who were already preparing to get certified with the CISSP certification.

As far as any examination is concerned, there are certain pitfalls that one should strictly avoid in order to qualify any standardized examination just like the CISSP. But before going on the pitfalls we will cover the what exactly is CISSP certification in detail, its requirements and other facets. So keep following.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP CERTIFICATION)

The CISSP certification allows security professionals scope to dive into the functionalities related to web security and the IT domain. It allows professionals a scope to gain insight into the technicalities and managerial concept related to IT system security. It is a world-renowned certification that allows professionals the right exposure and recognition in the IT security domain. It not only is one of the hardest certifications to achieve but it also is the most valuable among others. The demand for the CISSP certification has never faded since its introduction in 1994 and even today it is one of the most sought-after certifications.

For taking the CISSP certification, a candidate must also first refer to the guidelines and the requirements. The prerequisites for taking the CISSP certification are as follows:

  • For the CISSP certification, the candidate needs to ensure that they must have at least 5 years of recent and full-time professional work experience. This experience needs to be in two or more domains out of the eight domains of the CISSP. 
  • If you are a graduate with four years degree or any other globally acceptable equivalent then you will get a one-year waiver as far as the experience is concerned. So fo all the graduates, they need to have at least 4 years of recent and full-time experience with at least two domains out of the eight domains that are related to CISSP.

These are the major requirements issued by (ISC)2 that one needs to satisfy before taking the CISSP certification.

The process of certification is quite simple all you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First and foremost, all the candidates need to have the required experience for taking the CISSP certification which is mentioned above or else you can also refer to the official web page of (ISC)2. There you will find all the details regarding the same.
  • Next in line is to schedule the CISSP examination. For that visit the official website of (ISC)2 and complete the registration process by paying the examination fees.
  • Next thing that you need to do is to take the examination and you must secure at least 700 or more score in order to qualify it.
  • After the exam qualification, you need to complete the endorsement process and then you are good to go.
  • The CISSP certification requires recertification every three years. This is an essential step towards the maintenance of the CISSP credential and certification.

Next point of discussion is the CISSP examination and its format. The format of the CISSP exam is as follows:

  • The examination consists of multiple-choice based questions.
  • There are 100-150 questions that are asked in the examination.
  • The total time given to attempt the examination is 3 hours.
  • In order to pass the examination, a candidate must get a score of 700 or more than that.

 Recertification is necessary in order to maintain the authenticity of the certification. Not only it affirms the certification but at the same time, it also acts as an authentication of your skills and knowledge in the certified information systems security professional domain. Only the candidates who are having relevant knowledge and skills will qualify the recertification and hence the standard of the CISSP examination is maintained and so the certification. The certification does not come with a lifetime validity which again adds to its difficulty level as the professionals need to keep updated with the trends and the ongoing changes occurring in the CISSP field. Someone who is up to date with the CISSP trends can surely crack the examination with practice and practical execution of the concepts and theories related to CISSP. Practical knowledge plays an essential role in the certification process.If you are planning for the certified information systems security professional certification then enrolling for the certified information systems security professional certification training is the best way as it covers all the important details regarding the examination. We at Edukasion offer certified information systems security professional training enrol now for the CISSP course and be a part of cissp certification training online community at Edukasion.

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