Cornflower Blue Sapphire

Buying Guide for Cornflower Blue Sapphire From Online

The cornflower blue sapphire is a unique specimen and one of the most expensive and rare blue sapphires. The cornflower blue sapphire comes in a variety of shapes and can be found in Burma, Sri Lanka, India, and other nations. Since it is one of the most costly stones, the price of this stone increases substantially as the carat weight increases.

Original cornflower blue sapphire” is a phrase that refers to a type of blue sapphire gemstone that has a specific shade of blue reminiscent of the color of cornflowers. The term “original” may suggest that the gemstone is natural and untreated, as opposed to being artificially enhanced or created in a laboratory. Cornflower blue sapphires are highly prized for their beauty and rarity, and they are often used in high-end jewelry designs.

The color discrepancy of natural cornflower Neelam gem

One of the few blue flowers rather than purple or violet is the cornflower. A sapphire with a hue that mimics the rich blue of a cornflower is known as a cornflower blue sapphire.

The cornflower blue sapphire is regarded to be the most like the genuine blue, even though sapphires often include purple or green tones. It also has exceptional saturation and tone, which highlights the color purity. The real cornflower blue sapphire gem is the most sought-after kind since it is so difficult to find a pure blue sapphire stone. This sapphire color is particularly popular with enthusiasts.

Depending on how the color may be perceived, saturation has an impact on the color’s intensity and visibility. A different process is used to create sapphire both outside and inside the earth’s crust. The sapphire’s magnificent blue color is created when temperature and pressure are ideal and titanium spontaneously enters the process.

The sapphire’s velvety luster and softness from the tiny inclusions also add to its beauty and distinctiveness.


How is the quality of the original cornflower blue sapphire gem determined?

The qualities of sapphire crystals depend on the geological conditions in which they are formed. Several places produce amazingly fine crystals in addition to extraordinarily fine jewels. Each place with community characteristics produces a different type of gem material.

The layers of gem gravel that are present in flood plains or former river beds are where sapphire deposits are most usually discovered. Since the inferior crystals are broken apart by the erosive process, alluvial sources yield high-quality minerals.

How is the price per carat determined for the cornflower blue sapphire?

The cornflower blue sapphire is the most prized gem because of its pure and brilliant blue sparkle. The price of a cornflower Neelam stone can vary depending on several factors. The price per carat for cornflower blue sapphires ranges from 2000$. A blue sapphire weighing about 1 carat may cost as low as 2000$ or as much as 10000$, depending on its quality.


Which all factors must be considered while buying cornflower Neelam gem online or at a store?

  1. Color:- Sapphires are mostly prized for their color. As long as the stone has an eye-catching color, the cut and clarity can be neglected. Before choosing, carefully examine the shade and vibrancy.
  1. The treatment of the stone:- The sapphire’s treatment will impact its cost and quality. The sapphires with heat treatment are the most prevalent. The most expensive sapphires are those that have not been treated; lesser sapphires may have been surface diffused, or Beryllium treated. Avoid being caught paying a premium amount for a sapphire that has been excessively treated.

Final thoughts

Selecting the best quality cornflower blue sapphire from a reputed store is very important. Navratan, the online gem bazar is one of the certified online stores that deal in authentic and natural cornflower blue sapphire.




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