Bigg Boss 4 – Winners of Season 4 Announced

Bigg Boss 4 has been the most-watched show of the year. This reality show is being hosted by Kamal Haasan and has become a household name. The fourth season of the popular show saw a host of new faces and contestants. The hosts of Bigg Boss 4 include Ariyana, Anitha Sampath, and Kamal Dabholkar. The first season of the show had a very different format. In the first season, the contestants were expected to perform dance routines to music and recite the chants of the host, which led to a high-profile dance performance from Rajasekhar. In this episode of the competition, the winners will be announced.


Bigg Boss 4 premiered on 6 September 2020 on Star Ma. The first season was an emotional roller coaster. It was the perfect combination of friendship, love, and drama. The first season featured Abhijeet as the winner. He was the coolest housemate who aced his game and won the title. The second season of Bigg Boss featured Akhil as the winner. The third and fourth seasons of the show included ex-contestants from previous seasons.big boss 4

After the eviction of Kumar Sai, the show faced backlash from fans. Many of them trolled the show and host Nagarjuna, causing both contestants and viewers to boycott the show. The eviction of Akhil and Monal has also created some controversy. The finalists acted in a bizarre way by saving others, while other contestants were evicted based on their TRPs and negative feedback.

After a bitter and heartbreaking season of Bigg Boss Telugu, the show returned to the original language, which was Telugu. Last Manjunath, an underdog, stepped up and proved his worth by proving himself to be a worthy contender. During the last episode, Sohel’s popularity took a hit, but her efforts to win the competition rewarded her with victory.

After the season’s premiere, the show went on to air in other languages. The Telugu version of Bigg Boss is the biggest in the country, with a lavish house and an appearance from Syed Sohel Ryan. The season finale of this show was filmed in Goregaon Film City in Mumbai. It premiered on 21 December 2019. The Tollywood version of the show had a host of celebrity guests.


In the final episode, Shweta Tiwari won the fourth season of Bigg Boss Telugu. The reality show featured the five contestants: Ashmit Patel, Dolly Bindra, Ariyana Glory, and Rahul Bhatta. The show ended on September 6. The fourth season of Bigg Boss has concluded in Telugu. The winners will be revealed on November 27. If you’ve been lucky enough to watch the previous seasons, don’t miss the first episode – it’s worth a try!

The finale of the fourth season of Bigg Boss Telugu has been as dramatic as its predecessors. As in the previous seasons, the show had its ups and downs, but there were many notable performances and the overall results of this season were exciting as well. As with the previous seasons, the contestants are divided into two groups. They have a luxury budget that they can spend weekly on luxurious foods. This luxury budget, which depends on the outcome of tasks they do.

The final episode of Bigg Boss Telugu was a colorful affair. Sara Khan did not want to discuss her wedding, but she did talk about her newfound love for Ashmit Patel. The winner of the show, Abhijeet Duddala, was crowned the winner. The grand finale was graced by veteran actors Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna. The show is also a highly anticipated reality show.

The final episode of Bigg Boss Telugu was the most dramatic in the series. It featured the biggest names in Telugu. The first runner-up was WWE superstar The Great Khali, while the second runner-up was model turned actor Sameer Soni. In the UK, the show also included a motor mouth Dolly, who won the fourth place prize. The motormouthed contestant won the cash prize of Rs one crore.

The eviction process on Bigg Boss Telugu was a difficult one. The final week was marked by many surprise evictions, including the elimination of Ariyana. However, Ariyana and Sohel were thrown out because they were able to gain less votes than the other contestants. After the eviction, it was time to vote for the king of the house and the new King of the Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Telugu – Will There Be an Abhijeet on Season 4?

The Bigg Boss Telugu season four has ended with Abhijeet Duddala as the winner. The show’s fourth season marks the fourth season hosted by Nagarjuna. He is the son of a Pan shop owner. The season was very popular in India and is expected to gain popularity all over the country. However, there has been much controversy surrounding the episode. A review of the episode shows that the audience didn’t find the show to be entertaining or even enjoyable.big boss 4

There were some interesting twists this season. The first two seasons of the show featured wild card entries, but this time there was no such thing. Instead, each person was required to complete a task, and the contestants had to do it in an appropriate costume. The house was decorated with colorful costumes and a lavish house. The winner of the show was declared as Abhijeet, and he has crowned the new Bigg Boss Telugu.

The most interesting twist in this season was the introduction of Syed Sohel Ryan as the chief guest. This star had been an early favorite of the show, and he talked about the housemates at the grand finale. This was the first time that a megastar had been the chief guest of Bigg Boss Telugu. The actor spoke candidly about the show’s finalists, including Kumar Sai. He also praised the housemates for their honesty and openness.

The last episode was a tense one. After the show’s finale, Lasia Manjunath was eliminated. Many viewers believed he was a worthy contestant and said that his elimination was unfair, and they did. The last season’s netizens voted him out, expressing their gratitude to the viewers. But what about the other contestants? Is there going to be an Abhijeet on Bigg boss Telugu?


Shweta Sampath, who was voted the winner of Bigg Boss season 4, was the strongest contestant in the show. During the season, she defeated Ashmit Patel, Dolly Bindra, Prashant Goswami, Sara Khan, and Rahul Bhatta. While the show has been popular in India for years, it is not the most popular show in the country. That’s why there are so many people watching Bigg Boss in different countries.

The final of Bigg Boss was a colorful one, with a lot of surprises. There were two contestants who won the show – The Great Khali and Shweta Tiwari. Although the finale of the show was full of twists and turns, the audience was able to cheer for their favorite contestants. Among the winners were the first-time winners, and the two finalists were The Great Khali and Veena Malik.

This was followed by a surprise victory for the winner of the third season of the show, Shweta Tiwari. The final of the show was an intense show with lots of drama, and the final of the fourth series was no different.

The fourth season of Bigg Boss Telegu premiered on 6th September 2020 on Star Ma. The series was a roller-coaster ride for fans of the show. The show had the perfect blend of love, friendship, and drama. In the first season, Shweta Tiwari, a former beauty queen, was the only woman to win the show and the second runner-up. In the final season, she was the first contestant to hit the buzzer. She was adamant that she would not perform the task in the time allotted.

The Bigg Boss Season 4’s finale was very colorful, with a lot of surprises. For the first time, Sara Khan did not want to talk about her upcoming marriage. In the second season, Aanchal Kumar was the winner. He was the first runner-up, followed by The Great Khali. The show is a popular reality TV series that has a wide audience. In its fourth season, the show has been a hit in India, with viewers enthusiastically cheering for the contestants.


Aam junta flies in a helicopter and saves a housemate. The Aam junta is not a threatening force, but it has been a long-time tradition in India. Whether you are a woman or a man, you are likely to find an attractive housemate. It may be hard to imagine living with a loved one. But you must be willing to put in the effort.

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