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Best Practices To Promote Your On-Demand Webinar

An evergreen or on-demand webinar needs to be constantly marketed in order to continue to be profitable. When it comes to evergreen webinars, which run on a regular schedule or are available as on-demand content, such a strategy is a prescription for failure. Whereas a one-time live webinar only requires marketing during the run-up to the live event and briefly after the webinar when promoting the replay. Keep in mind that the registration link remains active eternally if the webinar is evergreen. However, if you don’t consistently and steadily market your webinar to your target audience, nobody will be able to find the registration link.

The objective should be to continuously increase the link’s visibility by using various methods to reach the appropriate audience at the appropriate time. This post will discuss a few of the numerous strategies for promoting the webinar.

Add your webinar to the header and footer of your website

You may temporarily substitute a CTA on your automated website that offers a demo or description of a product with the on-demand webinar registration link. This will guarantee that you get fresh leads from the traffic that is already visiting your website and that users can act before they go. Pop-ups, chatbots, and other techniques for generating leads and developing CTAs are included in this.

Use email campaigns

Send the registration link to your email list when your webinar initially goes live, but make sure it’s pertinent to their interests. Your current customers won’t be interested in a webinar that is a product demo, and they might even unsubscribe from your emails as a result. However, you may distribute it to potential clients. The majority of webinar platforms provide email integration and audience reminders. If it’s a guest webinar, you should probably send a dedicated email or include it in your newsletter to your complete mailing list.

More importantly, be sure to include a link to your webinar in the appropriate welcome and onboarding email cadences that are sent out automatically to anyone who subscribes to your list or buy your product. Whatever marketing automation email drip campaigns you choose, search for opportunities to advertise your webinar and encourage people to register for it.

Email signatures

Email signatures offer a simple approach to promoting your on-demand webinar to the contacts you have. You can include a registration link in your email auto signature to effectively promote this webinar with every message you send. Here, it’s preferable to include a strong graphic in the email’s footer. Regular emails and all automated emails are compatible with this. Make sure that every member of the sales team has a standard link marketing the webinar in their signature, and ask them if they will send a customized email promoting the webinar to their top 20 pharmaceutical prospects.

Post video on YouTube

Make a brief excerpt of the pharmaceutical webinar to use as a preview in the webinar’s advertising and then upload it to YouTube. Since viewers may have a taste of the webinar before they join, these videos shouldn’t be too long, which will entice more people to click on the YouTube link. After Google, YouTube is the most popular search engine. There is content that can be found by those conducting subject-related searches. To direct viewers back to your webinar, include the registration link in the YouTube video description.

Promote your on-demand webinar through social media

Post the webinar on all of your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and ask people to share it. Using social media to encourage your supporters and followers to like and share your posts will help you gain more exposure. To ensure that your webinar is remembered, put posts to the top of your Facebook groups and highlight them on your LinkedIn page. Make sure you include the appropriate hashtags. You might also wish to experiment with using direct messages and InMails on LinkedIn. As a result, you may tailor your strategy and increase conversion rates. Additionally, you can advertise your on-demand webinar on social media by using webinar services.

Blog posts

You could either write a blog post about the webinar’s topic on your own blog or serve as a guest blogger on another company’s blog. The trick is to mention the webinar in the blog post. If you have past blog articles, change the CTAs or the post’s language to include a new CTA encouraging readers to sign up for the on-demand webinar. The companies that offer online webinar services can also assist you in reusing the webinar content. To direct all traffic to the webinar recording, you may add a call to action to the already published blog entries.

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