Best Memes of 2022 | Info About the Latest Meme of This Year
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Internet culture is changing faster than ever, and as a result, there are more memes than ever that are funny or clever and show what’s going on in the world right now. Here are the best memes of 2022, from Michael Jordan having fun with an iPad to how hard it is to learn to use Zoom.

Why did Michael Jordan Taking a Look at an iPad become a meme?

This year, ESPN showed Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls in a 10-part series called “The Last Dance.” Jordan’s fiercely competitive nature was the clear star of the show. This was never clearer than when Isiah Thomas gave Jordan an iPad with comments from a longtime rival. In the clip, Jordan laughs and raises his eyebrows as he looks at the iPad footage. 

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How did Jordan Meme Get Fame?

This became an instant Internet meme. Yet another video of Jordan looking at an iPad while laughing hysterically at his former opponent Gary Payton proved that whenever Michael Jordan looked at an iPad, it was a hit on the Internet. It also gave him a clear follow-up to the “Crying Jordan” meme that seems to be everywhere.

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What is the Role of Zoom Meetings in Meme?

Due to social distancing orders, many people now work from home and use Zoom meetings instead of IRL check-ins. Once, video calls were only used to check in with loved ones who lived far away. But soon, they were used for everything from a work status to a happy hour after work. 

As you might expect, there were limitations and problems, but some unexpected benefits, like being able to change the interface of a video call or having a boss look like a potato (thanks to a filter) for the whole meeting or hiding bedhead during an early morning chat, made using Zoom a new way to pass the time during a time of uncertainty. Many memes about the new way people connected in 2022 were based on these and other things.

Do You Know About Karen Meme?

Since a few years ago, the name “Karen” has been used as a punchline in jokes about the privilege of suburban white women of a certain age, but it’s not funny at all. This year, it became a shorthand way to describe the dangerous racism and obvious abuse of privilege by white women on the Internet. Some white women went viral for disobeying COVID-19 orders to stay at home, 

What are People’s Top Reactions to this Viral Meme?

The most obvious example of this in 2022 was the case of Amy Cooper, a white woman. She called the police, and that person was bird-watching in Central Park. This was a big reason why Karen went viral this year and brought a global conversation about the privilege to the forefront. Cooper lost her job because her company said in a statement about the incident that they “do not tolerate any kind of racism”. This happened around the same time that George Floyd’s death made people around the world think about racial justice. It also made the name “Karen” stand for a spoiled woman who will do anything, even racist things, to get what she wants.