One of the  15 Best flower shop to buy Peony flower in Dubai
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Flowers are a beautiful way to brighten someone’s day and even an entire room. But our busy lifestyles generally leave us without time to get to the flower shop. Don’t worry, though — you can order flowers online and have them delivered right to your door in Dubai. All you need is to find the best flower shops in town.

Are you looking for the best flower shop to buy peony flowers in Dubai? Or, if you’re looking for somewhere quick and easy that won’t break the bank but still delivers beautiful flowers, don’t just pick any old place.

Instead, turn to a few of the best flower shops in Dubai to find the perfect arrangement that will fit your personality and personal tastes. Though it may be tempting to go with what other people are buying. But, you should also consider how long the flowers will last and whether they’ll look as beautiful as they do in the store.

15 Best Flower Shops for Online Flower Delivery

1- Arabian Petals

If you are looking for the best flower shop to buy peony flowers in Dubai for your loved ones, look no further than Arabian Petals. This flower shop offers a wide selection of fresh flowers. It includes pink peony and lily flowers and roses, tulips, and carnations for the whole family. The best thing about Arabian Petals is that you can order flowers online to have them delivered directly.

Their flowers are hand-selected by an expert team of horticulturists and freshly cut for delivery. This means you get the freshest flowers possible. Rather than having them picked too soon, which happens at some flower shops in town. These experts also use the highest quality techniques to preserve your flowers for up to one week after delivery. This makes them the best flower shop for sending long-lasting flowers anywhere in Dubai.

2- FlowerBox

When sending flowers online for delivery in Dubai, FlowerBox is one of the best flower shops. They send the best flowers if you are looking for a pretty arrangement that will brighten up any space. The florists here know how to make the most of your budget and give you a beautiful arrangement that you’ll love. They have a wide selection of flowers, plants, and other options.

Their arrangements are made with careful attention to detail. Also, they only use the freshest flowers and other products available. This means that flowers last longer than they would at other shops in Dubai. That makes FlowerBox one of the best flower shops in town when it comes time to send an unforgettable bouquet.

3- Ghani Flowers

If you’re looking for the best flower shop to buy peony flowers in Dubai, Ghani Flowers is great. This flower shop offers three locations in the UAE so that you can order flowers right now near your home.

All deliveries are made by hand. The best part about it is that they use only fresh flowers and other products that are sourced from different regions. Ghani flowers also have an extensive selection of gifts to choose from. So use this as an opportunity to order something special for someone else. The best part about Ghani Flowers is that you will be able to send your flowers worldwide with their online portal.

4- Flowers By Abi

Flowers By Abi is one of the best flower shops in Dubai to send flowers and gifts to the UAE. They have a wide selection of bouquets and arrangements that can be made with any flower or gift you’d like. Their florists are trained to use the highest quality techniques to preserve your floral arrangements for up to 14 days. It ensures that they will look as beautiful as possible when they arrive on your doorstep.

Flowers By Abi also has a huge selection available for delivery. It makes them one of the best flower shops in Dubai if you want something special but don’t know what you’re looking for. All of the people they use in the flower shop are hand-picked and are among the best in their field.

5- Happy Square Flowershop

Happysquare is one of the best online flower shops for delivery in Dubai, so if you’re looking for something that won’t break your bank but will still make someone’s day, you should check them out. They offer flowers and gifts of all types, including modern or traditional arrangements, bouquets, floral gift baskets, plants, trees, and various other products.

Their florists know how to work with any budget while still keeping an eye on quality. You will be able to choose from several different arrangements and be sure that your flowers will look as great when they arrive as they did in the store. These experts also handle the flower filling themselves, guaranteeing that the bouquet won’t fall apart when it arrives on your doorstep.


There you have it. Whether you are sending flowers to a special someone, there are several flower shops in Dubai. You can order anything to get it delivered to your loved ones. Check out these online flower shops for variety, quality, and convenience. No matter where you purchase these flowers, you will be sure that your loved ones will love them when they see them.

Our top recommendation is Arabian Petals, as it is the best flower shop for online flower delivery in Dubai. You can get birthday flowers, wedding anniversary flowers, or any other special flower arrangement you need. The best part is that online flower delivery in Dubai is possible through Arabian Petals.