Best Filipino Restaurant in Abu Dhabi
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There occurs no shortage of Filipino restaurant within Abu Dhabi that offers popular staples. It is what turns out to be a few unusual options, and everything in between. The menu within the restaurant is extensive and includes a range of beef, chicken, seafood, and noodle dishes. They also offer traditional Filipino breakfasts and there occurs a selection over the menu named the “exotic meals”. The restaurant aims to pride itself upon making Filipino expatriates. The Buffet-Style restaurant turns out to be one of the most popular eateries within the capital. Make sure not to get fooled through the food court location since it easily stands up on its own merits. There is some international and Asian fare over the menu however the main focus turns to be upon Filipino staples. Best Filipino Restaurant in Abu Dhabi  (أفضل مطعم فلبيني في أبو ظبي) serves you multiple different dishes.

The authentic restaurant has got delicious dishes and it offers takeaway, delivery, and catering. Ensure that you find dishes like BangusSisig (sautéed marinated Bangus fish with caramelised red onion), bulalo (beef shank with Ortego’s Brown Sauce. The special paella is mixed seafood, egg, chicken, rice, and Spanish paprika. The restaurant also serves a barbeque-chicken tower with signature sauce and a hanging skewer of lemon-butter marinated grilled tiger prawns. The restaurant has a handful of signature dishes that people keep coming up for to taste again and again. Come up with the Best Filipino Restaurant in Abu Dhabi to make your experience legit. The dishes may include the sizzling beef ribs adobo, bangussisig (milkfish), and bulalo (beef marrow stew). The main dining area aims to make you happy with the setup.

Best Filipino Restaurant in Abu Dhabi ensures to make your day memorable for life

It is easy to feel that you have been transported to your favorite Filipino neighborhood once you step inside. This cozy, as well as dimly lit restaurant, aims to hold tables packed neatly under a low brick-and-stock ceiling and boasts chandeliers that are made with capiz shells, a mollusc that is found in the Philippines. The menu is basically loaded with authentic dishes offering a taste of home in a lively & secluded setting. The Restaurant Interior is very popular among Filipinos. The Best Filipino Restaurant in Abu Dhabi has got delicious dishes and offers home delivery of the food too. You may enjoy dishes like Chicken and Beef teriyaki within a Bowl, pancit canton. It is pictured, chicken Bicol and Chicken adobo with deep-fried boiled eggs.

Filipinos love the popular venue and it is rated highly online. If you seek out authentic flavors, stop in and then try one of the signature dishes which is boiled shrimp and squid with their special sauce, wicked wings, milkfish belly strips, tangy squid heads, low jaw burgers, noodles within a jar, and more. Meals all come up with unlimited rice. Moreover, the menu includes chicken inasal, a range of sizzling dishes, bulalo, karekare, beef papaitan (a bitter stew made with beef innards), chicken adobo, pinkabet (sautéed mixed veggies with shrimp paste), and grills. These turn out to be a few of the places that offer “boodle fights”- a unique style of dining (think military mess hall) within which food gets served over the banana leaves over the long tables, diners eat with their bare hands.

Enjoy your celebration at the best Filipino Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

The restaurant is known for its sweet and savory flavors and the Sarap with fried chicken together is a popular dish and is enjoyed to its best. The restaurant serves multiple Filipino food brands under one roof that including Binalot, Jay-J’s, Fruitas Group, Mochi Crème, Zagu, and Fiftea. Other cuisines involve Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani. The menu includes dishes like Classic Chicken Inasal, Barbeque Chicken (wings included), crunchy squid heads, barbeque salmon belly, short ribs, beef tongue in creamy mushroom sauce, deep-fried dory filled with bean curd within black bean sauce along with grilled milkfish.

The chefs within the restaurant aim to offer you grilled dishes that are cooked over a charcoal grill, street food, sinigang, karekare, sizzling mouth-watering dishes, pancitmalabon, and a lot more. There occurs an outdoor dining area too. If you are one who is seeking out for having the best food come over to the Best Filipino Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. With multiple different dishes, you need to make sure that you enjoy eating the best food at Sajway. If you wish to make your experience amazing then you must come up over here.