Ways to Prevent a Bathroom Heating System Meltdown
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Bathroom heating is vital to survive the long, freezing winter showers. Any slight issue or breakdown in the system can get you flu or cough at the very least. Therefore to keep the boiler under check.

Under an ideal circumstance of a water-based heating, the radiators or towel rails around will heat the moment you turn on it in your home. If you notice any slight malfunction or lag, set it right before it breaks down entirely.

Here are some ways you can undertake to avoid your bathroom heating from a meltdown.

Why To Keep a Check on Bathroom Heating?

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A bathroom is a place that is different from any other place in your household. Although it is required to be warm, it usually remains humid and damp with a smaller area than the rest. So, it usually has precise and bit unusual requirements of “bathroom heating” in comparison to other areas. It may require a unique type of heater or radiator especially designed for such spaces. If it is heated insufficiently, there will remain a high risk of increased cold, damp resulting in a buildup of mold that thrives in such spaces.  Therefore, preservation of heating and its effectiveness all matter to reduce the use of energy. For example, heated rails are an effective way to keep towels dry and heat the space around them. 

Ways Of Heating Up Cold Bathrooms

There are various ways to warm it up when it comes to warming up. Your ultimate choice should be based on various factors including types, of space you need.  Few of these options include

  • Panel Heaters.  These are convection heaters that we usually have in our room to warm up the air. Warm water usually circulates in them that transfer the heat to the surrounding, making them cozy. 
  • Towel radiators and Towel rails. These are usually designed for heating the towels, so you can get a dry and cozy piece to dry yourself. However, these can also effectively warm up the bathroom space. 
  • Electric Heaters. These are specially designed for the bathroom environment. Available in various designs, you can use them to warm the bath area quickly. 
  • Underfloor heating. This is an effective and alternative way to heat the bathroom. There is a type of kits available that can fit in the ground. It uses less energy that will result in lower bills.  

Taking Care of Your Bathroom Heating.

When it comes to regular check-ups and maintenance at home, we usually ignore the bathroom heating. However, it is important to keep a check to keep it working efficiently. There are the following ways to heat the bathroom. 

Perform Boiler Service Checks Annually

In order to ensure optimum performance every year, boilers need proper service. No matter the type of boiler fitted in your home, make sure you have it checked by professionals. Servicing helps you find out and fix any malfunctioning before it spreads out and leads to greater complications. Performing service checks every year will prevent you from spending extra in case of a meltdown. If you have recently purchased the boiler, don’t worry. The warranty will cover the service checks for one or two years. If not, call out for a qualified professional’s help.

Ensure Safety of Gas-based Bathroom Heating

Gas heating systems have complicated service procedures compared to other types of bathroom heating. Therefore they can only be serviced by a registered gas engineer who is certified to work on gas-run appliances. Whenever you hire a gas engineer, ask for his Gas Safe ID card and to perform a quick check to determine if he is legitimate or not.

How to Perform Maintenance Checks Personally?

You don’t always need to hire a professional engineer to perform maintenance checks every time you smell something off. For instance, if the heating system doesn’t produce much heat despite being on for some time, there might be a quick fix you can do. You should drain the radiators to emit any air trapped in the pipes.

On the other hand, if the radiators upstairs are producing maximum heat while the ones downstairs can’t produce much, there are chances of malfunctioning in the pump. Similarly, if you find the wastewater pipes on the outside freeze and get blocked due to super low temperature, you might want to replace the pipes with ones that have better insulation.

In case you have gas boilers installed with lower gas amounts, you can order a new supply of LPG (only applicable if LPG powers the boilers). For an oil-based heating system in the bathroom, if you see water pressure falling below the safety level, you should fill up the water pressure, restart the boiler, and prevent an automatic lockout.

Final Thoughts about Bathroom Heating UK

Like everything else, bathroom heating UK requires regular maintenance and check-ups to keep working efficiently. We have discussed a few important ways to take care of your heating system by yourself in the previous sections. You can check the latest high-quality bathroom radiators and towel rails at Royal Bathrooms’ online store in the UK. 

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